Coweeman River

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Coweeman River
Country United States
State Washington
County Cowlitz
Source Coweeman Lake
 - elevation 3,965 ft (1,209 m) [1]
 - coordinates 46°08′27″N 122°27′17″W / 46.14083°N 122.45472°W / 46.14083; -122.45472 [2]
Mouth Columbia River
 - location near Kelso
 - elevation 23 ft (7 m) [2]
 - coordinates 46°06′26″N 122°53′22″W / 46.10722°N 122.88944°W / 46.10722; -122.88944Coordinates: 46°06′26″N 122°53′22″W / 46.10722°N 122.88944°W / 46.10722; -122.88944 [2]
Length 36.3 mi (58 km) [3]
Basin 200 sq mi (518 km2) [4]
Location of the mouth of Coweeman River in Washington

The Coweeman River is a tributary of the Cowlitz River, in the U.S. state of Washington. Its name comes from the Cowlitz word ko-wee-na, meaning "short one", referring to a short Indian who once lived along the river.[2]


The Coweeman River originates in Coweeman Lake and flows west for 36 miles (58 km) to join the Cowlitz River near the confluence of the Cowlitz and Columbia River at Kelso.[3] Just below the mouth of its first named tributary, Butler Creek, the river drops over Washboard Falls.[3]

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