Cowichan Herald Extraordinary

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The badge of office of Cowichan Herald Extraordinary

Cowichan Herald of Arms Extraordinary (Héraut Cowichan extraordinaire in French) is the title of one of the officers of arms at the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa. Herald Extraordinary is an honorary position reserved for people who have made notable contributions to Canadian heraldry. Like the other heralds at the Authority, the name is derived from the Canadian river of the same name.

The design of the badge of office of Cowichan Herald of Arms is based on the word "Cowichan," which means "place warmed by the sun." The two animals in the center are based on a design by Cowichan artist Wayne Charlie. They are a horned dog, Wagaas, and an eagle, Yuhwala, two of the most important creatures from traditional Cowichan teachings.

Holders of the office[edit]

It is currently vacant.

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