Coyote Gold Mine

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Coyote Gold Mine is located in Australia
Coyote Gold Mine
Coyote Gold Mine
Location in Australia
LocationTanami Desert
StateWestern Australia
Coordinates19°53′48″S 128°49′50″E / 19.89667°S 128.83056°E / -19.89667; 128.83056Coordinates: 19°53′48″S 128°49′50″E / 19.89667°S 128.83056°E / -19.89667; 128.83056
Financial year2009-10
CompanyTanami Gold NL
WebsiteTanami Gold website
Year of acquisition2003

The Coyote Gold Mine is a gold mine located in the remote Tanami Desert in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. The mine, processing plant and camp are 17 km west of the Northern Territory border. The mine was closed in 2013 and placed on care and maintenance.

Coyote is located on the land of the Tjurabalan people, the traditional owners of the area.[1] Tanami and the Tjurabalan people signed a native title agreement in 2005 in order to have a mining lease granted. This also included a commitment to employ a number of Tjurabalan people.[2]


Serious exploration for resources, especially gold, was carried out in the region from early 2000 by a number of companies, specifically AngloGold, Newmont, Tanami Gold and Otter Gold Mines Limited.[3] Some of the area of the Coyote mine was part of an exploration lease owned by AngloGold.[4]

Tanami Gold acquired the tenement in November 2003 from AngloGold for A$14 million in cash and shares.[5] AngloGold, in turn, had acquired it when it took over Acacia Resources in January 2000.[6]

The mine was opened on 24 May 2006 by the Governor-General of Australia, Michael Jeffery, after a 12-year planning phase.[7] It initially had a production target of 60,000 ounces per year.[8][9]

In October 2006, Tanami had to temporarily suspend mining to cut costs as its treatment facility experienced difficulties in the commissioning.[10] In late 2006, Tanami was in talks with Monarch Gold Mining in regards to a merger, but talks were later called off amid concerns that the treatment plant at Coyote would need further investment.[11]

In January 2007, the Coyote Pit 2 was flooded in a major rain event. Mining was resumed in Pit 1 in April 2007.

With the financial crisis in 2008, Tanami had to borrow $7.7 million to continue its mining operation at Coyote.[12]

In 2008-09, ore was mined in the Coyote Open Pit 1 and 2 as well as the Gonzales lode underground operation. Once the Coyote pit will be exhausted, which is scheduled for September 2009, two other open pits will be mined, the Kookaburra and Sandpiper pits.

On 23 April 2013, The West Australian reported the Coyote project was one of the State's highest-cost producers, pouring gold at basic costs of $1220/oz. The mine went into care and maintenance shortly after that retrenching 150 employees.[13]


Production of the mine:

Quarter Production Grade Cost per ounce
March 2007 2,981 ounces
June 2007 1,718 ounces
Total 2006-07
September 2007 6,051 ounces 3.27 g/t
December 2007 11,779 ounces A$ 709
March 2008 6,122 ounces 3.38 g/t A$1,029
June 2008 5,799 ounces 3.37 g/t
Total 2007-08 29,751 ounces
September 2008 4,261 ounces 5.8 g/t
December 2008 3,952 ounces 2.9 g/t
March 2009 5,971 ounces 6.1 g/t
June 2009 9,136 ounces 6.0 g/t
Total 2008-09 23,320 ounces 5.1 g/t
September 2009[14] 12,821 ounces 5.5 g/t A$660
December 2009[15] 11,783 ounces 7.6 g/t
March 2010[15] 10,456 ounces 6.7 g/t A$672
June 2010[15] 12,900 7.5 g/t A$655
Total 2009-10[15] 47,960 ounces



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