Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

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Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (CRCC)
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center is located in Washington (state)
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
Location in Washington
Location Connell, Washington
Coordinates 46°40′39″N 118°51′06″W / 46.67750°N 118.85167°W / 46.67750; -118.85167Coordinates: 46°40′39″N 118°51′06″W / 46.67750°N 118.85167°W / 46.67750; -118.85167
Status Operational
Security class Medium, MI3 (Long-term minimum) (MSC)
MI2 (Minimum camp) (MSU)
Capacity 2,468
Opened 1992 (MSU)
2009 (MSC)
Managed by Washington State Department of Corrections
Warden Jeff Uttecht, Superintendent
Street address 1301 North Ephrata Ave.
City Connell
County Franklin County
State Washington
Postal code P. O. Box 769
Country United States

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center is a medium security prison located in Connell, Washington.[1] Coyote Ridge is drawn with Monroe Corrections Complex as the largest prison facility in the state.

Inmates of Coyote Ridge typically have more than five years up to life to serve. Attached to the main facility is the minimum-security "camp", where inmates must have five years or less on their sentences. The camp buildings look more like those of an average community college, complete with landscaping. Inmates sleep in dormitories, operate a textile factory,[2] and grow some of their own food in a small garden on the grounds. Some inmates are allowed to go off-site to work in highly supervised jobs (including the traditional litter-cleanup).

The facility was the first prison campus in the United States to achieve LEED Gold certification.[3]

As of January 2011, the main facility is almost full with an inmate population of over 2100.

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