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This article is about the company. For the television network, see Cozi TV.
Cozi Group Inc.
Subsidiary of Time Inc.
Industry Internet, Computer software
Founded March 14, 2005 Seattle, WA
Key people
Will Friedman, President
Robbie Cape, Co-Founder
Jan Miksovsky, Co-Founder
Products Productivity Apps, Cozi Family Organizer
Number of employees
35 (June 24, 2011)
Parent Time Inc.

Cozi is a free mobile app and website that helps families stay organized. Its features allow multiple family members to manage appointments and schedules with one account, as well as organize and update shopping and to-do lists. Cozi also provides articles and recipes of particular interest to modern families. Cozi is accessible from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The company's tag line is "Family Life. Simplified."

Cozi is an American company co-founded by Robbie Cape and Jan Miksovsky after the two of them left Microsoft.[1] Most of the company's employees worked previously at, Expedia, or Microsoft. The company's first product was called Cozi Central and released on September 25, 2006, and includes a family calendar, shopping lists, family messaging, and a photo collage screensaver. The company had 35 employees as of June 24, 2011,[2] and is based in Seattle, Washington.

Cozi was acquired by Time Inc. in 2014.[3]

Free and Premium Accounts[edit]

Cozi offers an ad-free version of their app, called Cozi Gold, as an in-app purchase. Cozi Gold's additional features include Cozi Contacts, Birthday Tracker, more reminders, mobile month view, change notifications, VIP customer support and more.



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On June 5, 2011, Cozi set a Guinness World Record for the longest line of ducks in a row. The line stretched for one mile and was made up of 17,782 rubber ducks.[28]


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