Cozia National Park

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Cozia National Park
Parcul Național Cozia
Cozia National Park, Romania.jpg
The Cozia Massif
Map showing the location of Cozia National Park
Map showing the location of Cozia National Park
Location within Romania
LocationActual Valcea county CoA.pngVâlcea County
Nearest cityBăile Olăneşti
Coordinates45°22′01″N 24°15′54″E / 45.367°N 24.265°E / 45.367; 24.265[1]Coordinates: 45°22′01″N 24°15′54″E / 45.367°N 24.265°E / 45.367; 24.265[1]
Area17,100 hectares (42,000 acres)
Established2000, designation 1966

The Cozia National Park (Romanian: Parcul Național Cozia) (national park category II IUCN) is situated in Romania, in the north-east part of Vâlcea County, in administrative territory of localities Brezoi, Călimănești, Racoviţa, Perișani, Sălătrucel and Berislăvești.[2]


The National Park is located in the central-southern of the Southern Carpathians, in the south-eastern Lotru Mountains and the east of Căpățânii Mountains on the middle course of Olt River.


Cozia National Park with an area of 171 km²[3] was declared a natural protected area by the Law Number.5 of March 6, 2000 (published in Romanian Official Paper, No.152 on April 12, 2000)[4] and represents a mountainous area with flora and fauna specific to the Southern Carpathians. Besides its peculiar aspect of flora elements, Cozia National Park has a good number of lichen species. Mustafa YAVUZ and Dr. Gülşah ÇOBANOĞLU from Turkey studied Lichen Flora of Cozia National Park in 2007[5] In 2017, two old-growth forests were inscribed in the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe nature site.[6]