Crab Society North

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Crab Society North
Csnorth demo.jpeg
Demo album by Stormtroopers of Death
Released July 1, 1985
Length 14:02
Producer not produced
Stormtroopers of Death chronology
Crab Society North
Speak English or Die

Crab Society North is a demo by American Crossover thrash band Stormtroopers of Death. It was recorded on July 1, 1985 with a walkman put into a speaker. The demo was recorded in the kitchen of Pyramid Sound studios[1] and contains mostly improvised material.

Historical curio[edit]

The audio quality of the recording is substandard by any meter. However, it ultimately led to more widespread notoriety of the ultra-short "blipcore", as the longest 'song' on the demo—"Papa Benjamin"—is merely 57 seconds long.

Some of the songs found their way to subsequent releases by various bands. Stormtroopers of Death re-recorded the song "Diamonds & Rust" for their debut album Speak English Or Die; Billy Milano's band Method of Destruction recorded and released "Jim Gordon", "Bubble Butt" and "Bushwackateas" on their debut album U.S.A. For M.O.D.. Stormtroopers Of Death also incorporated a Crab Society North medley into their live shows; a short 7-second potpourri consisting of "Not!", "Momo", "Taint", "The Camel Boy" and "Diamonds & Rust". Included in the medley was the Stormtroopers of Death original "Anti-procrastination Song". They also performed "Vitality" on various occasions. Further, the track "Taint" was recorded and released by Anthrax as a B-side on their 1987 Indians EP.

Note that this is the first recording ever by Stormtroopers of Death. The name of the unit had, according to Scott Ian,[2] been conceived the same day.


The original Crab Society consisted of bass players Dan Lilker, known from Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, and Craig Setari, known from Agnostic Front, NYC Mayhem and Straight Ahead. Crab Society had recorded a similar demo on a cheap C-tape deck, with short bursts of improvised noise, purposefully overdriven and distorted. When the other members of Stormtroopers of Death heard the tape, they wanted to record a similarly structured demo. To differentiate the two projects the demo was called Crab Society North, since the studio was located upstate New York, geographically north of the original setting[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Jim Gordon
  2. Your Kung Fu Stinks
  3. ARRGH!
  4. You N...
  5. House of My Head
  6. Momo
  7. Bogunsbomp
  8. Steve Wright Rules
  9. Hammer before Knife
  10. You Bastard
  11. I've Been in a Cave for 25 Years
  12. Mano's
  13. Lou Kamada's
  14. The Leopard Killer
  15. The Bat Lived
  16. By the Way
  17. Dan
  18. Let Me Say One Thing
  19. This Doesn't Leave the Room
  20. Not to Talk About Anthrax But ...
  21. Shit's Suck
  22. I'm Incredible
  23. Diamonds and Rust
  24. Hey John
  25. Laughing, Happy, Happy, Joy as Glad, Decapitation
  26. Don't Do Anything Foolish
  27. We Are the Sock
  28. MDC Hang Out in Gay Bars
  29. E-Brake
  30. Listen Lady
  31. Leisuresuit
  32. Papa Benjamin
  33. 1
  34. 2 & 1
  35. 2
  36. DFP
  37. IHO
  38. BDFP
  39. Taint
  40. Vitality
  41. Tom Brown
  42. Loud Bell
  43. Bubble Butt
  44. Danny Spitz Will Fuck Anything
  45. Jogging With Fall
  46. Tony Two
  47. The Camel Boy
  48. July 1
  49. Fluoride and the Captivity Creeps
  50. The Poisonous Midget
  51. BOLN
  52. Lardass Hogan
  53. EMOW
  54. DSL
  55. Mely Cow
  56. Bushwackateas
  57. Cowfucking Renee
  58. Rooster Fucker
  59. Neck to Neck
  60. The Drunk Guy
  61. Happy Tooth Paste Bug
  62. (!)
  63. Food-Dog-Golf!!!



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