Crabtree Ledge Light

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Crabtree Ledge Light
Crabtree Ledge Maine Lighthouse.JPG
Crabtree Ledge Light is located in Maine
Crabtree Ledge Light
Location Frenchman Bay, Maine
Coordinates 44°28′18.4″N 68°13′15.1″W / 44.471778°N 68.220861°W / 44.471778; -68.220861Coordinates: 44°28′18.4″N 68°13′15.1″W / 44.471778°N 68.220861°W / 44.471778; -68.220861
Year first constructed 1890
Deactivated 1933
Tower shape Conical Tower on Cylindrical Foundation
Markings / pattern Brown Tower, Black Foundation
Focal height 37 feet (11 m)
Characteristic F W with W Fl every 2 minutes
Fog signal BELL: every 10s[1]

Crabtree Ledge Light was a sparkplug lighthouse on Frenchman Bay, Maine. It was first established in 1890 and deactivated in 1933. It was a brown conical tower on a black cylindrical pier located on Crabtree Ledge, about one mile off Crabtree Neck at the north end of Frenchman Bay.


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