Crabtree Ledge Light

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Crabtree Ledge Light
Crabtree Ledge Maine Lighthouse.JPG
Crabtree Ledge Light is located in Maine
Crabtree Ledge Light
Location Frenchman Bay, Maine
Coordinates 44°28′18.4″N 68°13′15.1″W / 44.471778°N 68.220861°W / 44.471778; -68.220861Coordinates: 44°28′18.4″N 68°13′15.1″W / 44.471778°N 68.220861°W / 44.471778; -68.220861
Year first constructed 1890
Deactivated 1933
Tower shape Conical Tower on Cylindrical Foundation
Markings / pattern Brown Tower, Black Foundation
Focal height 37 feet (11 m)
Characteristic F W with W Fl every 2 minutes
Fog signal BELL: every 10s[1]

Crabtree Ledge Light was a sparkplug lighthouse on Frenchman Bay, Maine. It was first established in 1890 and deactivated in 1933. It was a brown conical tower on a black cylindrical pier located on Crabtree Ledge, about one mile off Crabtree Neck at the north end of Frenchman Bay. Crabtree is named after the American privateer Captain Agreen Crabtree, the first settler of Hancock.


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