Crack the Sky (Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart album)

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Crack the Sky
Mylon lefevre and broken heart crack the sky LP front cover.jpg
Studio album by Mylon LeFevre
Released1987 (1987)
Mylon LeFevre chronology
Look Up!
Crack the Sky
Face the Music

Crack the Sky is an album recorded by Mylon LeFevre in 1987 and released in 1987.

Track listing[edit]

Original album release: side one
1."Crack the Sky" 
2."Love God, Hate Sin" 
3."Closer than a Heartbeat" 
4."Give It Up" 
5."I Belong" 
Original album release: side two
1."Let Me Be the One" 
2."Reach For the Sky" 
3."Heart on Fire" 
4."For My Growing" (duet with Carole Ford) 
5."Doxology Prayer" 


  • Mylon LeFevre - vocals, guitars
  • Ben Hewitt - digital drums, percussion
  • Kenneth Bentley - bass, vocals
  • Scott Allen - guitars, vocals
  • Paul Joseph - synthesizers, vocals
  • Trent Argante - guitars, vocals