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Cracker, crackers or The Crackers may refer to:


  • Hamadryas (butterfly), or crackers, a genus of brush-footed butterflies
  • Sparodon, a monotypic genus whose species is sometimes known as "Cracker"

Arts and entertainment




Other uses in arts and entertainment


  • Cracker (term), a slang, sometimes derogatory term for any person of white European descent
  • Computer cracker, a security hacker who maliciously exploits weaknesses in a computer or network
  • Safecracker, a person who breaks open safes, usually to rob them
  • Georgia cracker, 19th–20th century cattle drivers of the Georgia plains
  • Florida cracker, 19th–20th century cattle drivers of the Florida scrub regions


Other uses

  • Cracker (food), a type of biscuit, usually salted or savoury
  • Cracker, an petrochemical industry component used for cracking
  • Christmas cracker, a traditional British Christmas toy or decoration
  • Operation Crackers, a British Commando raid during the Second World War
  • Atlanta Crackers, an American baseball team from Atlanta, Georgia
  • "The Cracker," a railroad train of the Southern Railway operating from Atlanta to Valdosta
  • Cracker, a length of twine or string at the end of a whip that produces a cracking sound
  • Firecracker, commonly shortened to "cracker" in Indian English
  • Cracker (slang), a racial epithet

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