Cracker Creek Cone

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Cracker Creek Cone
Highest point
Elevation 1,895 m (6,217 ft)
Coordinates 59°42′N 133°24′W / 59.70°N 133.40°W / 59.70; -133.40
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Teslin Plateau (southern Yukon Plateau)
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Cinder cone
Volcanic arc/belt Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruption Unknown

Cracker Creek Cone is a small cinder cone in northwestern British Columbia. A large lava flow that partly filled Ruby Creek may have originated from this cone. The lower west side of the cone appears to be partly covered by glacial till suggesting that the cone is older than the most recent glacial advances down Ruby Creek. Cracker Creek Cone is in the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province and is one of the three young volcanic cones in the Atlin Volcanic Field.

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