Crackers (1998 film)

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Directed by David Swann
Starring Warren Mitchell
Susan Lyons
Peter Rowsthorn
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Country Australia
Language English
Box office A$1,263,230 (Australia)

Crackers is a Christmas-themed comedy Australian film starring Peter Rowsthorn. It was released on 9 July 1998. It was written and directed by David Swann.[1][2]

During the Christmas holidays, Hilary Dredge (Susan Lyons) and her son, Joey (Daniel Kellie), travel up into the suburbs to spend Christmas with Joey's grandparents. To accompany them on the trip, Hilary's boyfriend Bruno (Peter Rowsthorn) and his son Angus (Christopher Chapman) go with them. Joey doesn't like Bruno because of his relationship with his mother. Joey and Angus have a violent rivalry with each other because of this, as Angus doesn't like it when Joey shows disrespect to his father.

Swann made the film after his successful short Bonza.[3]

Crackers grossed $1,263,230 at the box office in Australia.[4] The film was re-released on DVD in November 2010.

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