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Cradle may refer to:

Mechanical devices[edit]

  • Ship cradle, supports a ship that is dry docked
  • Grain cradle, an addition to the agricultural scythe to keep the grain stems aligned when mowing
  • Newton's cradle, a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres
  • Rocker box, a.k.a. a cradle used in mining to separate gold from alluvium
  • Cradling (paintings), an art restoration technique to stabilise a painting on panel
  • Cradle (circus act) (also known as aerial cradle or casting cradle), a type of aerial circus act

A metaphor for humanity's origins[edit]





Video games[edit]

  • Cradle (video game), a 2015 science-fiction adventure game developed by Flying Cafe
  • Aderyn's Cradle, previously known as Cradle, an upcoming role-playing video game