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Coordinates: 33°07′57″N 117°14′18″W / 33.1326°N 117.2382°W / 33.1326; -117.2382

Craftsmanship Museum
Established2006 (2006)
Location3190 Lionshead Avenue
Carlsbad, California
TypeTechnology museum
CollectionsHand crafted models and machines
OwnerJoe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship

The Joe Martin Foundation Craftsmanship Museum also known as the Craftmanship Museum and Miniature Engineering Museum is an American museum located in Carlsbad, California that collects and displays unique carefully crafted objects of metal and wood.


The collection includes approximately 500 working miniature engines as well as models of aircraft, automobiles, and other objects. Especially notable are a 1/6 scale model of a 1932 Duesenberg and several aluminum cutaway World War II fighter models. A Norden bombsight is displayed in the museum's collection.[1]

1932 SJ Duesenberg[edit]

Louse Chenot constructed a 1/6-scale model of a 1932 SJ Duesenberg.[2] Construction required about 15,000 hours. The engine runs on gasoline. Doors close with two clicks, outside and inside handles operate independently. The model is fully operational, an automobile in miniature.

Machine shop[edit]

The museum houses a precision machine shop staffed by volunteer master toolmakers. The museum's toolmakers work collaboratively with craftsmen throughout the world building miniature projects. They clean, restore, repair and maintain the objects donated or loaned to the museum.



The Craftsmanship Museum first opened in 1996 as an online museum by Joe Martin, owner of the Sherline Company. In 2006, Joe opened a physical museum at the Sherline factory in Vista, California. Within 4 years, the museum outgrew their factory home and Joe decided to create the Joe Martin foundation to purchase a 16,000 square foot building in the Raceway industrial park as a permanent home for the Museum in Carlsbad, just a couple miles from the Sherline factory. Over the years the Museum has expanded its collection of exhibits to include hundreds of working models of all types of miniature machines, engines, architecture, automobiles, and airplanes as well as one-off unique articles of miniature engineering craftsmanship such as a 0.010” diameter bolt with matching nut.


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