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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in 2002, by order of first appearance.

Hazel Wilding[edit]

Hazel Wilding
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kazia Pelka
First appearance 23 January 2002
Last appearance 18 March 2002
Residence Bagley Drive

Hazel Wilding first appears on 23 January 2002 when cab driver Vikram Desai picks up her from an upmarket suburb. Immediately Hazel flirts heavily with Vikram and she then requests his services more frequently. It is not long before Hazel seduces Vikram at a hotel wearing lingerie and bearing a bottle of Champagne. In February 2002, Vikram is shocked to discover that Hazel is married and feels that things between them have become too complicated. He then keeps a distance from her by sending other drivers when she requests his cab.

It is not long before Vikram resumes his secret affair with Hazel as she gives him a gold bracelet for his birthday and he dumps girlfriend Bobbi Lewis for Hazel. When Les Battersby comes to collect Hazel one day, he is very suggestive and she slaps him. She demands to know what Vikram has told his staff at the office about her. Vikram is livid with Les and confides in his cousin Dev Alahan that he has fallen in love with Hazel. When Hazel's husband John discovers the affair, he threatens Vikram to stay away from his wife. Hazel later makes it clear to Vikram that she will not leave John for him, and after several threats from John, Hazel tells Vikram that she was in on his plan all along.

Archie Shuttleworth[edit]

Archie Shuttleworth
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Roy Hudd
Duration 2002–03, 2006, 2010
First appearance 17 February 2002
Last appearance 10 May 2010
Occupation Undertaker

Archie Shuttleworth, played by actor Roy Hudd, is a local undertaker who dates Blanche Hunt for a while, however, he ends their relationship and subsequently begins seeing Audrey Roberts. He later helps Audrey Roberts when she is in turmoil over murderous son-in-law Richard Hillman. Archie makes reappearances for funerals on the Street, most notably that of Mike Baldwin in April 2006. Six months later he returns for the funeral of Fred Elliott. Archie returns to the Street for the funeral of his ex-lover Blanche in May 2010.

Joshua Peacock[edit]

Joshua Peacock
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Brandon Jackson (2002–03)
Stephen Collins (2003)
Benjamin Beresford (2004–11)
Duration 2002—11
First appearance 8 April 2002
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; Regular, (returning)
Occupation Student
Home France

Joshua Peacock, played by Benjamin Beresford, is born on 8 April 2002 at Weatherfield General Hospital. He is the result of a one-night stand between Maxine Peacock and Matt Ramsden, though is being raised by Maxine's former husband Ashley Peacock, and new wife Claire, after his mother is murdered by Street serial killer Richard Hillman when Joshua is nine months old. Matt has regular contact with his son, and Joshua has a younger brother by Ashley and Claire, Freddie, who was born when Joshua was four. On 23 April 2010 it was announced that the Peacock family had been axed from the ITV soap by new producer Phil Collinson, and would leave in the coming months.

Joshua becomes good friends with Simon Barlow when he is enrolled in his primary school in December 2008. In April 2009, Ashley's employee Graeme Proctor sees Joshua's talent at football, which he encourages Ashley and Claire to nurture. Claire initially disapproves of Joshua playing football but then encourages him after seeing how good he is. In August 2009, during a charity fete that Claire has organised, Joshua complains that his throat is sore and collapses in front of Janice Battersby; he has swallowed a bee. He is immediately rushed to hospital where he makes a full recovery to his parents' relief.

In December 2010, a huge explosion at The Joinery Bar causes a fire to start in Number 13 Coronation Street, the home of the Peacocks. Joshua is one of the children in the house at the time and is rescued by Lloyd Mullaney. However Ashley is killed in the accident, trying to rescue Simon's father Peter Barlow. Joshua attends his funeral on 16 December 2010 telling Claire that he wants to say goodbye to his Daddy.

In January 2011, after Claire attacks Tracy Barlow, Joshua leaves Weatherfield with her and Freddie and goes to live in France.

Goran Milanovic[edit]

Goran Milanovic
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Matt Zarb
First appearance 17 May 2002
Last appearance 26 May 2002
Residence Blackpool

Goran Milanovic is a Croatian worker at the Blackpool campsite where Toyah Battersby comes to stay. There is an immediate attraction between the pair as they enjoy a number of dates together. On 22 May 2002, Goran declares his love for Toyah and asks her to marry him. Toyah's friend Maria Sutherland is quick to warn her that Goran could be asking her to marry him just so that he can stay in England. Toyah confronts Goran about his reasons for wanting to marry her. She is shocked when he admits he wants to stay in Britain, as he is an illegal immigrant, but claims to genuinely love her. Determined to help him, Toyah agrees to marry him. However, Toyah comes to see the hasty nature of her actions and tells Goran that she will not marry him.

Patricia Hillman[edit]

Patricia Hillman
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Annabelle Apsion
First appearance 12 May 2002
Last appearance 20 May 2002

Patricia Hillman (née Morris) is the ex-wife of Richard Hillman.

She first appears on 12 May 2002, wanting the money back that she invested in his business Kellett Holdings. Realising how much her investment is worth, Richard argues with her at the foundations of his new apartment block and she falls into a trench. Instead of helping her, Richard grabs a spade and strikes her over the head with it killing her instantly. The foundations are then filled with concrete. Several months later, her body was dug up by Police when Richard confessed to Gail that he had murdered her.

Carol Mills[edit]

Carol Mills
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Collette Cooper
First appearance 20 May 2002
Last appearance 26 May 2002

Carol Mills is a woman whom Kirk Sutherland takes a fancy to while holidaying in Blackpool. Kirk and Jason Grimshaw spend a lot of money on Carol and her daughter Stephanie, however, Carol and Stephanie choose to dump them afterwards. They later spot Kirk and Jason in a pub, after winning £200 at bingo. Jason and Kirk spend the night in Carol and Stephanie's caravan. In the morning as they are leaving Stephanie calls Carol "mum", which amuses Jason as Kirk had slept with Carol.

Stephanie Mills[edit]

Stephanie Mills
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Rebecca Atkinson
First appearance 20 May 2002
Last appearance 26 May 2002

Stephanie Mills is a woman whom Jason Grimshaw has a brief dalliance with after meeting her on the pier at Blackpool, while he is on holiday with his friend Kirk Sutherland.

Joe Carter[edit]

Joe Carter
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jonathan Wrather
Duration 2002-03
First appearance 26 May 2002
Last appearance 20 June 2003
Introduced by Kieran Roberts

Joe Carter was played by Jonathan Wrather.[1]

Upon his release from prison in May 2002, after serving two years for fraud, Joe Carter is picked up by factory owner Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and brought to Coronation Street to work as factory manager in Underworld. He immediately clashes with Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) when he asks his ex-girlfriend Geena Gregory (Jennifer James) out on a date. Dev later tries to warn Joe off accusing him of being a crook just out of prison. Joe is angry and threatens Dev.

Joe successfully woos Geena with his charm and they start going out much to the indignation of Dev. He is infuriated when the factory girls discover that he has been in prison, due to Dev making it public knowledge, in an attempt to split him and Geena up. However, Dev's efforts amount to nothing when Geena gives Joe a second chance. Joe has another enemy in the form of knicker-stitcher Karen McDonald (Suranne Jones), who originally wanted the management position herself. He infuriates her further when he sacks her from the factory.

Joe's relationship with Geena suffers when he is trying to constantly outdo Dev in business matters. In September 2002 when the factory do business with Dev's cousin Naveen Alahan (Parvez Qadir), problems begin to arise when Naveen's cheques keep bouncing. Joe makes some calls and finds out that Naveen's business is about to go into receivership. Without Naveen's money, Underworld is in danger of going under so Joe takes matters into his own hands. Enlisting the help of Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), both men take a van to Naveen's warehouse. Joe explains to Steve that they are going to break in and get Mike's unpaid for stock back, which Steve is not happy about. They manage to retrieve the stock and flee after they trigger the security alarm.

However, the robbery backfires for Joe when police turn up at the factory to do a routine enquiry. Mike is furious about Joe's reckless actions as he could be an accessory to the crime as he has lied to the police about the missing stock. When Mike points out that there are no buyers to purchase the stock that Joe has retrieved, he decides to con Naveen. He tricks Naveen into buying the knicker order originally meant for him and makes him pay cash. Naveen is furious when he realises what has happened. Dev tells Geena about Joe breaking into the warehouse stealing underwear. Geena confronts Joe and is shocked when he is angry with Dev for telling her. This leads to a violent fight in the Rovers between the two men[2] and Geena breaks up with Joe.

When Geena tells the police that Joe threw the first punch in the fight, Joe manipulates her by saying that her testimony will be the deciding factor in him being sent back to prison. Naive Geena gets back with Joe, not realising that he is using her to get Dev to drop the charges. Dev agrees, on the condition that she ends her relationship with Joe, who in turn suggests to Geena that they pretend that they have broken up. He then goes further by instructing Geena to get back together with Dev, in an effort to consolidate the lie. However, Dev realises that Geena is merely setting him up and throws her out. Joe is getting increasingly worried about the police arresting him and puts it to Dev that if he drops the charges he will dump Geena. He agrees to publicly dump Geena in the Rovers that night. Later on, Dev tells Geena about his deal with Joe and how he has already dropped the charges and says it is up to her what she decides to do. When Joe breaks up with her, as he had promised to Dev, Geena is devastated and leaves Weatherfield.

In February 2003, a drunk Mike offers Joe a share in the factory profits if he will agree to become his partner. After more negotiating, Mike gives control of the factory over to Joe. After he sacks Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) from her position as supervisor and gives it to Karen instead, Steve becomes suspicious of the relationship between Karen and Joe and accuses them of sleeping together. Over time the factory girls begin to also speculate about the pair, especially after they go clubbing together after a staff night out. Steve's suspicions are once again aroused. Convinced that Karen is having an affair with Joe, Steve punches him and tells him that he is welcome to Karen. However, the McDonalds reconcile, much to disappointment of Joe, who has fallen for Karen. When Joe deliberately flirts with other women to make Karen jealous, his ploy pays off. Joe steps up his campaign to have Karen for himself when he takes her to a business conference in Wolverhampton, where he comes on to her. Although she initially turns him down, she eventually sleeps with him, after her marriage to Steve breaks down when he is unfaithful.

Joe has a master plan that involves Karen. He explains to her that he intends to ruin Mike and take over the factory and asks her to help him to do it. When Joe tempts her with the lure of the possibility of a plush apartment, Karen agrees to the scam. Joe tells Karen that as partner in crime she will have to get Mike to sign cheques to his bogus company, Artrec (an anagram of Carter). Instead, however, Karen forges Mike's signature on Artrec cheques, much to Joe's delight. Just after Mike has signed the final cheque to seal the deal for the couple, he suddenly announces that he is conducting a full stocktake of the factory, much to their horror. Joe and an ex-con friend, Frank Marsden (Martin Walsh), burgle the factory stockroom so that Mike will never know that no stock from Artrec was ever delivered. Joe then takes Mike to a deserted warehouse pretending that this is Artrec's address. They speak to a bogus security guard, Frank, who tells them that Artrec disappeared a few days ago. Frank describes the owner as an Asian man, which makes Mike think that Naveen Alahan is behind the con.

With the factory in fiscal crisis and redundancies being made, Karen's guilty conscience gets the better of her and she confesses everything to Mike. Mike drags Joe into the office and lets him know that he's uncovered the whole scam. Karen overhears Joe telling Mike that the only reason he started a relationship with Karen was so that he could use her for forging cheques. Karen is hurt and angry. To Joe's horror Karen gives Mike a list of every detail pertaining to Artrec that he requested and tells him that she's transferred all the money they stole from him back into his account. To avoid being a laughing stock in the rag trade Mike agrees not to call the police but tells Joe he never wants to set eyes on him again. Joe and Karen row as Joe packs his things to leave. Karen wants to know if he ever loved her at all, to which Joe coldly replies that she had her uses, before leaving Weatherfield.

Lillian Spencer[edit]

Lillian Spencer
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Maureen Lipman
Duration 2002
First appearance 1 July 2002
Last appearance 10 July 2002
Occupation Bar Manageress

Lillian Spencer, an old friend of Fred Elliott's, arrives at the Rovers as the Relief Manager. Lillian thinks the Rovers is a come-down after having worked in the Xanadu Cocktail Bar of the Majestic Hotel in Cleethorpes and then the Golf Club (where Mike Baldwin plays). She soon asserts her authority by barring Norris Cole for being rude about the state of the bar top and subsequently Rita Sullivan who complains about her treatment of barmaid Shelley Unwin.

Audrey Roberts takes an instant disliking to Lillian and warns Fred about her, but he will not listen. She storms out watched by a smirking Lillian. Lillian then makes Jack Duckworth redundant on the grounds of old age and ill health. Wife Vera storms into the pub and has a fight with Lillian. She then gives the cellar man job to son Timothy.

With staff morale reaching an all-time low and the arrival of Lillian's daughter Kelly, Geena Gregory and Shelley threaten to leave, much to Fred's distress. Fred feels that Lillian and her family are taking over, however, Lillian gets a phone call offering her a better job in Marple and with that the Spencers pack up and leave.

Timothy Spencer[edit]

Timothy Spencer
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jonathan Wright
Duration 2002
First appearance 3 July 2002
Last appearance 10 July 2002

Timothy Spencer is the son of Lillian Spencer who first appears in the Rovers Return on 3 July 2002. He soon gets the job as cellar man at the pub after Lillian fires Jack Duckworth. He subsequently leaves with Lillian and sister Danielle, when Lillian gets another job offer.

Danielle Spencer[edit]

Danielle Spencer
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kelly Wenham
Duration 2002
First appearance 8 July 2002
Last appearance 10 July 2002
Occupation Aromatherapist

Danielle Spencer is the spoilt daughter of Lillian Spencer. Her supposed job is as an aromatherapist but little evidence of this is seen in her brief stay in Coronation Street. Instead she is offered a job behind the bar by her mother with whom she is joined in vicious sniping sessions about the regulars of the pub, only showing any honesty when she and Lillian discuss how they had Fred Elliott wrapped around their fingers. Danielle leaves with her mother and brother after Lillian is offered a new job.

Ciaran McCarthy[edit]

Main article: Ciaran McCarthy

Harry Flagg[edit]

Harry Flagg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Iain Rogerson
Duration 2002-04
First appearance 6 September 2002
Last appearance 6 August 2004
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Cleaner

Harry Flagg was played by Iain Rogerson. Harry worked at Manchester Airport for over 20 years as a cleaner, including a long stint in the VIP suite. Having visited the Rovers Return and commented on how "unclean" it appeared, Harry agreed to clean it for a few pints of beer and £10. Having made such a good job of it, landlord Fred Elliott took him on full-time. Soon Harry became potman and cellarman. He also cleaned at Underworld for Mike Baldwin, saving businessman Preston King from a heart attack at one point. He clashed with Frankie Baldwin when her husband Danny took over as a shareholder in Underworld, she teased him and labeled him 'Half Mast' referring to his surname. Harry eventually left the street to drive around the sights of Europe. He offered Eileen Grimshaw the chance to come with him, but she declined.

Tommy Harris[edit]

Tommy Harris
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Thomas Craig
Duration 2002–05
First appearance 13 November 2002
Last appearance 7 March 2005
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Book appearances Coronation Street:
The Complete Saga
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Mechanic

Thomas "Tommy" Harris (previously Nelson) was played by Thomas Craig.

Tommy, his wife Angela, and their children Katy and Craig first came to the street as the new tenants of Number 6 and using the surname "Nelson". They came originally from Sheffield where Angela had worked as a barmaid. She witnessed a murder and gave evidence against the accused. The family of the accused threatened Angela and her family and eventually tried to set fire to their house. The Harrises were protected by the Witness Protection programme, given a new identity and moved to Weatherfield.

Tommy was a trained mechanic and Sheffield Wednesday F.C. supporter, and was soon hired by Kevin Webster at the garage, using references supplied by the Witness Protection team. Soon after, Kevin found a wallet containing a union card with the name Tommy Harris. Tommy took it when he found it lying where Kevin had left it but Kevin, when realizing Tommy had the wallet, accused him of stealing. Tommy could not explain and was sacked. Eventually however, Tommy took Kevin into his confidence and was re-hired. In April 2003 however, Katy slipped away to visit friends in Sheffield and was followed home by the brothers of the man who was jailed on Angela's evidence. There was a siege at the Harris's house and Tommy was shot in the process, nearly losing his arm in subsequent surgery. The family stayed in Weatherfield even though their cover was blown and resumed using their real name Harris.

In late 2003, Tommy and Angela separated. Katy was dating Martin Platt and though disapproving, Angela could not bear to be estranged from her daughter. Tommy was adamant that if Angela was stay in touch with Katy, he was not going to be a part of it. Angela left briefly but returned and insisted that Tommy left. Tommy began drinking and eventually Kevin had no choice but to fire him. Tommy lived in the flat over Streetcars, jobless for a while. Shortly before Christmas, Craig, upset that his family was torn apart because of Martin, rigged the brakes on Martin's car. He told his father what he had done, but before Tommy could fix the damage, they saw Katy drive off with Martin and followed them. After Katy got out of the car, she saw her father following Martin and called him to warn him. She thought Tommy was going to kill Martin but Tommy had been trying to get Martin's attention to make him pull over. The brakes failed before this could happen and Martin crashed the car. Tommy pulled him out before the car exploded but took the blame for the rigged brakes so Craig would not get into trouble. Craig could not cope with his guilt and confessed to Martin who told the police he knew his brakes were bad and had not got them checked. He made an uneasy peace with Tommy and Angela but Tommy still did not like Martin being with his daughter. In early 2005, Katy told Angela and Tommy that she was pregnant and they were not happy. In March, Tommy saw Martin and Sally Webster together and thought they were having an affair. He told Katy and when Angela overheard something, she too believed it and they told Katy. Katy did not believe them, knowing how he felt about Martin but when Angela believed it, she thought it could be true. Devastated, she left Martin and aborted their baby. Gail told Angela that Sally had had an affair but not with Martin. Angela told Katy that Martin was not unfaithful, infuriating Katy. Katy visited Martin and told him she was sorry but he dumped her so Katy went to confront Tommy. Angry that he was not bothered and continued to insult Martin, Katy picked up a wrench he had been working with at the garage and hit him over the head, killing him.

Angela Harris[edit]

Angela Harris
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kathryn Hunt
Duration 2002–05
First appearance 13 November 2002
Last appearance 2 May 2005
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Factory worker
Home Berlin

Angela Harris (née Appleyard, previously Nelson) was played by Kathryn Hunt.

Angela and her husband Tommy, and their children Katy and Craig first appeared on the street, having rented Number 6 and using the last name "Nelson". They came originally from Sheffield where Angela worked in a pub. She witnessed a murder and gave evidence against the accused. But the family of the accused took their revenge with threats and eventually tried to burn their house. The Harris's were taking under the Witness Protection program, given a new identity as the Nelson family and moved to Weatherfield. Angela got a job in Underworld but it did not go well. Her husband Tommy was under suspicion of stealing a wallet in the garage where he found work and the women in the factory turned against Angela too. Only Hayley Cropper made friends with Angela and eventually found out and kept the family's secret.

In April 2003 however, Katy slipped away to see her friends in Sheffield and was followed by the brothers of the man who was jailed on Angela's evidence. There was a showdown and Tommy was shot in the process. The culprits were found and the family's secret was revealed. Angela was determined that she would not put her family through any more hiding and secrecy. The Harris's took their own name back and the residents came round to being more neighbourly again.

Near the end of 2003, Tommy and Angela split up. Katy took up with Martin Platt and though disapproving, Angela could not bear to be estranged from her daughter. She and Tommy fell out over the situation and split up for a while. They made up but it was an uneasy peace.

In 2005, Angela discovered that Katy was pregnant. Not thrilled, she nonetheless supported her daughter. Tommy thought Martin was having an affair with Sally Webster (who was actually having an affair with Ian Davenport) and because circumstantial evidence seemed to support it, Angela believed it and took Katy in when she came running home. She also supported and encouraged Katy's decision to have an abortion, but was mortified to find out Martin really was faithful and Katy had had the abortion for nothing. Shortly after, Katy and Tommy rowed furiously in the garage and Katy struck and killed her father. Angela was horrified and she decided to cover up the crime and make it look like a robbery. Later she herself confessed to the murder in order to protect Katy and was remanded in prison. Even though Katy herself confessed before committing suicide, Angela was still guilty of perverting the course of justice and imprisoned for four years.

Katy Harris[edit]

Katy Harris
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Lucy-Jo Hudson
Duration 2002–05
First appearance 13 November 2002
Last appearance 20 April 2005
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; regular

Katherine Jane "Katy" Harris (previously Nelson) was played by Lucy-Jo Hudson.

When Tommy (Thomas Craig), Angela (Kathryn Hunt), Katy and Craig Harris (Richard Fleeshman), arrived in November 2002 they were credited under the surname "Nelson" instead of "Harris". They were first credited as "Harris" from 16 May 2003 until 2005.

She is introduced as Katy Nelson, the oldest child and only daughter of Tommy and Angela Nelson when they move into No. 6, Coronation Street. The family had secretly been placed under a witness protection programme, as Angela was due to testify in a gangland murder trial. When the brothers of the defendant come to Weatherfield in order to kill the Harrises, this become common knowledge and the family resume using the surname Harris. Katy discovers that she is diabetic, and nurse Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) helps her to get used to giving herself daily injections of insulin. The pair develop a romantic relationship, even though Martin was nearly 20 years older than Katy, almost as old as her father. Katy becomes pregnant, but her father, Tommy, persuades her to have an abortion by fabricating a story that Martin was having an affair. Tommy hated Martin for sleeping with his daughter, branding him a 'pervert.'

When Katy finds out that Tommy lied about the affair, she confronts him at the garage, but he shows her no sympathy or remorse. On the spur of the moment, she lashes out and hits him over the head with a wrench, killing him.

Katy's mother Angela witnesses the murder but persuades her not to call the police. They then go through a pretence that Tommy had been killed by an intruder, until forensic evidence leads to Angela's arrest. After a few weeks, Katy decides she cannot live with the guilt any longer and writes a note confessing the truth about her father's death before committing suicide by drinking water mixed with sugar (a deadly solution, because of her diabetes). Martin later finds her lying unconscious on the sofa with the note beside her. She is later taken to hospital, but dies two weeks later.

Craig Harris[edit]

Craig Harris
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Richard Fleeshman
Duration 2002–06
First appearance 13 November 2002
Last appearance 16 October 2006
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student
Home Berlin

Craig Alexander Harris (previously Nelson), was played by Richard Fleeshman. In real life, Fleeshman's parents David Fleeshman and Sue Jenkins had also starred in Coronation Street; Sue played Gloria Todd and David played Mr. Austin. ITV announced in early June 2006 that Richard Fleeshman would be leaving the soap in the autumn of 2006. It was his decision to quit the role of Craig Harris in order to pursue a pop career. Fleeshman filmed his final scenes in late August 2006 and his final episode aired on 16 October 2006.

Craig is the son of Angela and Tommy Harris. He enters the series in November 2002 as Craig Nelson, under the witness protection programme. His mother Angela has witnessed a murder in their home city of Sheffield and the family move away to Weatherfield. He later uses his real surname Harris once the family's cover is blown and they decide to stay in Weatherfield. Soon, Craig befriends David Patt, Rosie Webster and Bradley Diggins. The quartet begin causing trouble for Norris Cole and Rita Sullivan by banging their football against their garage doors. Eventually, they begin making threats when Norris and Rita confiscate their ball, leading to Norris stabbing the ball with scissors. This was all resolved when Tommy took the money off Norris for damages and the quartet went back to school.

When his sister Katy Harris starts dating David's father Martin Platt, her father's friend, who is 20 years older than she is, it causes Tommy and Angela to split up. Upset at this, Craig tampers with the brakes on Martin's car, hoping to split Martin and Katy up and bring back peace to his family. Unfortunately, Katy gets in the car with Martin. Craig tells his father and they race to the rescue. Martin decides not to press charges once he finds out the truth. Soon, David and Craig fight after having an argument over the incident. Tommy and Angela get back together when they realise how much their problems are affecting Craig.

Craig starts dating Rosie in spring 2004, and this infuriates Rosie's mother Sally Webster as she is trying to get Rosie to be a star. Sally begins getting in the way of them both but this fails. In early 2005, the pair become goths, pushing Sally and Rosie's father Kevin Webster to breaking point. They decide to sleep together, but at the last minute decide that it would be best not to. However, Tommy finds a condom Craig has been planning to use and, thinking his son has slept with Rosie, punches him in the face and knocks him out. Soon, Tommy finds out Rosie stole the condom from Sally and confronts the pair, but soon everything is put right and Craig and Rosie carry on seeing each other.

Despite this, Craig is devastated when his father is killed in March 2005, after sustaining a blow to the head with a wrench. He discovers that Katy committed manslaughter after discovering Tommy had lied to her over Martin having an affair, which caused her to abort her and Martin's child. Katy confronted Tommy and he infuriated her so much that she grabbed a wrench and hit him with it. Angela takes the blame for the kill, despite seeing what Katy has done and is sent to prison. A guilty Katy, also a diabetic, swallows a deadly solution of water and sugar and dies two weeks later. All of this caused Craig to lose his family in a month, and he soon split up with Rosie after seeing how ungrateful she is to have family around. Craig then lives with grandfather Keith Appleyard, who, having decided that Craig has suffered enough problems, chooses to move to Weatherfield rather than taking Craig back to Sheffield. Craig and Rosie re-unite, and he earns a part-time job at Dev Alahan's corner shop.

Soon, the pair decide to have sex and sleep together despite being underage and Keith and his girlfriend Audrey Roberts catch Rosie trying to sneak out of the house the morning afterward. Later, Rosie and Audrey talk and Audrey decides to let the matter go, on the condition they never sleep together again. However, the Craig and Rosie don't listen and they sleep together again on New Year's Eve 2005. Sally goes round to wish the pair happy New Year, but Craig answers the door in a dressing gown, thinking it was a pizza delivery. After seeing Rosie's dress lying on the sofa, Sally goes upstairs to find a naked Rosie in Craig's bed, leading her to drag Rosie back home and banish her upstairs.

The pair are banned from seeing each other, despite their protests, and are put through hell when Rosie's parents get the police involved in the incident. The police refuse to take action, and soon Rosie decides to go on a school trip to prove nothing can stop their relationship. After a while, Craig is unfaithful to Rosie by seeing friend Suzy Watkins. Rosie's sister Sophie Webster finds out and tells Rosie, who splits up with Craig. They get back together hours later. Weeks later, Sally intends to get Rosie into a private boarding school. When she sees Rosie and Craig kissing, Sally kidnaps her daughter, leaving Craig worried. He tells Kevin about it, and eventually catches up with Sally and Rosie and brings them back safely. After Rosie is run over by a car a month later, Sally and Kevin warm towards Craig after seeing how devoted he is to Rosie, and Kevin offers Craig an apprenticeship at his garage (incidentally, this is where Craig's father Tommy worked and was murdered).

In early summer, Craig is devastated when Keith has an angina attack, and even more upset when builder Charlie Stubbs is evicting them from their house. Keith says they have no choice but to move away somewhere new for a fresh start, and Craig tells Sally and Sophie about it. Soon, Craig starts hiding in his old house, but is quickly caught out when Charlie's girlfriend Tracy Barlow notices strange going-ons in the house. After learning that Rosie is going away on a school trip and that he wouldn't get to see her, Craig decides to tell Rosie about him leaving Weatherfield for a fresh start. Rosie is angered that her mother and sister knew about it all along, and after seeing how upset she is, Craig decides to stay with the Websters' and bids Keith a farewell. Rosie returns in August, and they begin living in a squat, much to the disgust of Sally and Kevin. Eventually, Craig lives with Hayley and Roy Cropper, but Craig doesn't really bond with them.

Weeks later, Craig and Rosie hatch a plan to run away to Berlin together, to start a new life. The pair decide that Websters' family holiday is the perfect opportunity. Before they leave for the holiday, Craig sees best friend David one last time and bids him farewell. When the Websters' and Craig arrive in Paris, Craig and Rosie enjoy their last day together with the family and later slip away to pack their bags. Rosie leaves a note to her family saying she is sorry for everything. The Websters search frantically for her as Craig and Rosie are about to board the train. However, Rosie looks at a photo of her family and freezes. She tells Craig that she cannot leave her family behind. After a long and tearful goodbye, Craig vows to Rosie that he will always love her and tears himself away from Paris, Weatherfield and a devastated Rosie. It was revealed by Rosie a week later that Craig began work at a hostel with his friend.

Lucy Barlow[edit]

Lucy Barlow
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Katy Carmichael
Duration 2002–03
First appearance 22 September 2002
Last appearance 7 November 2003
Occupation Florist

Lucy Barlow (née Richards) is a florist whom Peter Barlow meets while buying a bouquet for Shelley Unwin. He is instantly attracted to her, and an affair begins. Lucy, unknown to Peter, has hired Tracy Barlow to cover her maternity leave. When Tracy tells Peter that her employer is pregnant, Peter realises the child could be his. He later marries Lucy, telling her that he and Shelley have split up. Tracy, however, knows different and is happy to keep quiet and be bridesmaid to Lucy and Shelley when he later marries her. Her son Simon is born in early July 2003 but at first Lucy does not want Peter to be involved. She soon discovers that being a single parent is tougher than she thought and gratefully accepts Peter's help.

Lucy, however, finds out the truth after visiting the Rovers and sees Shelley putting her wedding photos into an album and is horrified to see Peter is her groom. She later returns and shows Shelley her wedding pictures, leaving Shelley distraught when she realises that they have married the same man. Now working together, Shelley introduces Lucy and Simon to the Rovers regulars as Peter's secret wife and son but Lucy sees that Peter and Shelley are getting closer to reconciling so she tricks Peter into thinking they have a future together. He then tells Shelley in front of the pub regulars that he, Lucy and Simon are emigrating to Australia as a family but Lucy then reveals that she and Simon are going alone. Peter resigns himself to the fact that he will never know his son, and leaves the Street soon after.

On 24 October 2008, Peter rings Ken from Portsmouth to inform him that Lucy has died of cancer. He and Simon arrive in Weatherfield a few days later, revealing that Lucy's dying wish was for the five-year-old to be with his father. She leaves her estate to him on that condition.

Patrick Tussel[edit]

Patrick Tussel
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Trevor Dwyer-Lynch
Duration 2002–05
First appearance 15 December 2002
Last appearance 23 January 2005
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Taxi driver

Patrick Tussel is played by actor and football coach Trevor Dwyer-Lynch. Patrick is a cab driver for local taxi firm "Streetcars", and friend of Eileen Grimshaw from when they were in a group in which Eileen was singer. Patrick frequently serves as a comic foil for Les Battersby and boss Steve McDonald. Patrick makes his final appearance in January 2005, while on crutches after an off-screen incident where his own car ran him over due to the handbrake being left off.

John Arnley[edit]

John Arnley
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Paul Warriner
Duration 2002–03
First appearance 15 December 2002
Last appearance 3 February 2003
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation College tutor

John Arnley, played by Paul Warriner, made his first screen appearance on 15 December 2002. The character and casting was announced on 19 November 2002.[3] Warriner previously appeared in Coronation Street as Ben Williams in 1990.[3] Of his role, a spokesperson commented "Paul's role will really start off with a bang, and then a few twists."[3] John began "a passionate affair" with his student Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor), but when she took him home to meet her flatmates, John set his sights on Maria Sutherland (Samia Ghadie).[3] Maria initially rejected John's advances, but a love triangle soon developed, which prompted Toyah to decide to leave the Street.[3]

John is Toyah Battersby's tutor at Granston Technical College. Toyah begins a relationship with John, but is reluctant to introduce him to her flatmates Fiz Brown (Jennie McAlpine) and Maria Sutherland. Toyah invites John to the Rovers Return to meet Fiz and Maria and they are surprised to see that he is considerably older than Toyah. John takes Toyah to Bordeaux for a holiday and they become closer. However, John become attracted to Maria. Knowing that Fiz and Toyah are out, John calls at their flat and he and Maria have sex. Fiz catches them and insists that Maria tells Toyah. John makes it clear to Fiz that she will not reveal what happened as she would not want to hurt Toyah. He continues to make advances towards Maria, but she rejects him.

A few weeks later, Maria discovers that she is pregnant. When John finds out, he implies that Maria is promiscuous, which earns him a slap, and then offers to pay for an abortion. John tells Toyah that he feels her flatmates do not like him and suggests they move in together, which Toyah agrees to. While Toyah is berating Fiz for not liking John and not being supportive towards Maria, Fiz reveals the truth about their affair. Toyah confronts Maria, who gives her impression that John forced himself on her. Because she was once raped herself, Toyah interrupts John's tutor groups and attacks him. John calms her down and Toyah breaks up with him.

A Daily Record reporter branded John "a new Weatherfield hunk", while a writer for the Huddersfield Daily Examiner called him "a love-rat lecturer".[3][4]


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