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Craig Hill is a Scottish comedian, TV presenter and actor known for his cheeky, irreverent and camp act.[1]


Hill's first public success came at age ten when he won a local talent contest in his native East Kilbride, impersonating Cleo Laine.[2] In 1991, he moved to Edinburgh in order to study Drama at Queen Margaret University College, graduating in 1994.[citation needed] Hill's comedy characters as well as his ability to improvise and write material led him into stand-up. He was still an actor, working in Theatre in Education and pantomimes when a friend secretly booked him in for an ‘open spot’ in 1998.

In 1997 and 1998, Hill performed a lead role (Jeremy Weller) in the Grassmarket Project’s theatre production "Mad" at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Since 2002, Hill has extensively toured with his solo comedy shows throughout Scotland, Ireland and the UK. His international work includes Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival 2008 where he hosted the prestigious Britcom series as well as Bubbling With Laughter and shows in Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, New York, Singapore, Amsterdam, Brussels, Ghent, Athens, Stockholm and Berlin. He previously hosted Edinburgh's Hogmanay coverage for the BBC and from 2011 - 2016 has been the host of the Inverness Hogamanay Street Party "Red Hot Highland Fling" on 31 December to bring on the new year. In 2017 he makes his Glastonbury Festival debut.

Selected work[edit]

Edinburgh Festival Fringe seasons and touring shows[edit]

  • 1999 Three Weird Beards, (fringe debut as part of Scottish triple bill, Gilded Balloon)
  • 2000 Craig Hill’s Alive With The Sound Of Music, (Gilded Balloon)
  • 2001 Craig Hill’s Wiz To Oz, (Gilded Balloon)
  • 2002 Craig Hill - The People’s Friend, (Assembly Rooms)
  • 2003 Craig Hill - Live!, (Assembly Rooms)
  • 2004 Craig Hill - One Man & His Kilt!, (Pod Deco + touring)
  • 2005 Craig Hill’s Got the Ballroom, (Assembly Rooms + touring)
  • 2006 Craig Hill - Kilty Pleasures, (Assembly Rooms + touring)
  • 2007 Craig Hill - Makin’ A Big Song & Dance, (Assembly Universal Theatre + touring)
  • 2008 Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week!, (Gilded Balloon + touring)
  • 2009 Craig Hill – 40 Love…?, (Gilded Balloon + touring)
  • 2010 Craig Hill – Why Don’t You Come Down the Front?!, (Gilded Balloon + touring)
  • 2011 Craig Hill – Blown By a Fan, (Underbelly, Bristo Square + touring)
  • 2012 Craig Hill – Jock’s Trap!, (Underbelly, Bristo Square + touring)
  • 2013 Craig Hill – Tartan About!, (Underbelly, Bristo Square + touring)
  • 2014 Craig Hill – Give Him an Inch..., (Underbelly, Bristo Square + touring)
  • 2015 Craig Hill – Playing With My Selfie!, (EICC Edinburgh International Conference Centre + touring)
  • 2016 Craig Hill – Up and Coming!, (EICC Edinburgh International Conference Centre + touring)
  • 2017 Craig Hill – Someone's Gonna Get Kilt!, (EICC Edinburgh International Conference Centre + touring)


  • 2002 Craig Hill’s Passionate Encounters (presenter, BBC Radio Scotland)
  • 2002 Famous for Five Minutes (host, comedy quiz, BBC Radio Scotland)


Short film[edit]

  • Lay of the Land (supporting role, Producer: Screenbase; Director: Fraser McDonald; 1998)

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