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Craig Huxley (also known as Craig Hundley; born 1954[1]) is an actor, inventor, and musician. He led three albums that were released by Pacific Jazz Records in the late 1960s.

In 1967, he played Captain Kirk's nephew in an episode of Star Trek.[1]

His first album, Arrival of a Young Giant, was a trio album by Hundley (piano), Jay Jay Wiggins (bass), and Gary Chase (drums) that was released in 1968.[2] Craig Hundley Plays with the Big Boys, from the following year, had a big band added to the trio.[3] The 1969 release, Rhapsody in Blue, also featured a big band, and included Ed Thigpen on drums.[4]

As a child, he also acted on television in "Kung Fu", "The Flying Nun", and "Bewitched".[1]

Huxley invented a musical instrument – the blaster beam – in the 1970s.[5] His design was patented in 1984.[6] The instrument was used in the soundtrack to Star Trek: The Motion Picture,[5] and Huxley played it for the soundtrack to 10 Cloverfield Lane.[7]


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