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Craig Pritchett 2016.

Craig W Pritchett (born Glasgow, Scotland, 15 January 1949) is a Scottish chess International Master who has written several chess books. He was educated at Allan Glen's School,[1][2][3] where he was a prominent member of the chess club and represented the school in several tournaments. He has represented Scotland nine times in Chess Olympiads from 1966–1990. He has won the Scottish Chess Championships on two occasions (in 1977 and 2005), and played in two Zonal tournaments (1972 and 1975). He is also a chess coach.

Team results for Scotland[edit]

Pritchett represented Scotland three times in Student Olympiads, from 1968–1970. Here are his detailed results, from

  • Ybbs 1968, board 1, 3/10 (+1 =4 -5);
  • Dresden 1969, board 2, 4.5/8 (+2 =5 -1);
  • Haifa 1970, board 2, 2/9 (+1 =2 -6).

Pritchett represented Scotland nine times+Malta 1980 in Chess Olympiads, from 1966–1990. Here are his detailed results, from His totals in 117 games are (+43 =46 -28), for 56.4 per cent.

 Chess Olympiad Malta board 1    9/5  (+3 =4 -2)     

Scottish champion[edit]

Pritchett has been Scottish champion on at least two occasions. He became an International Master in 1976. Here are his detailed results, from, the Craig Pritchett player file.

Steady results in British Chess Championships[edit]

Pritchett has competed many times in the British Chess Championships, with generally solid results, qualifying twice to Zonal tournaments. Here are his detailed results, from, the Craig Pritchett player file.


Pritchett co-authored the book Best Games of the Young Grandmasters (Bell and Howell, London 1980) with Danny Kopec. Pritchett wrote Nimzo Indian 4.e3: Nimzowitsch, Hubner, and Taimanov Variations (Batsford 1980). Another book co-authored with Kopec is Chess World Contenders and Their Styles (2002). A more recent book is Starting Out: Sicilian Scheveningen, published in 2006; he wrote the first edition of this book in 1977. A forthcoming title from Pritchett in January 2008 is Play the English: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire for White. Pritchett is the chess columnist for the Glasgow Herald.


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