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Craig Womack is an author and professor of Native American literature. Creek-Cherokee by ancestry, Womack is best known for Red on Red: Native American Literary Separatism, a book of literary criticism which argues that the dominant approach to academic study of Native American literature is incorrect. Instead of using poststructural and postcolonial approaches that do not have their basis in Native culture or experience, Womack claims the work of the Native critic should be to develop tribal models of criticism. Along with Robert Allen Warrior, Jace Weaver and Greg Sarris, Womack is categorized as a nationalist, a group that have significantly altered the critical metholodogies used to approach Native American literature.

Womack has also produced a novel, Drowning in Fire, about the lives of young gay Native Americans.

Currently, Womack is employed as a professor at Emory University, specializing in Native American literature.[1]


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