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Cranberry Production GmbH is a German video game developer, located in Hamburg. It is a subsidiary of dtp entertainment, an independent video games publisher based in Hamburg.

4HEAD Studios[edit]

Cranberry Production is a continuation of 4HEAD Studios, a Hanover-based game development company founded in 1997 by Lars Martensen and Tobias Severin. 4HEAD is perhaps best known for a successful series of medieval-life simulation games known as The Guild: see Europa 1400: The Guild and The Guild 2.

Notable games developed by 4HEAD include:

Year  Game
2002 Europa 1400: The Guild
2003 Die Gilde: Gaukler, Gruften & Geschütze   (expansion for The Guild)
2003 Big Biz Tycoon 2
2005 Mall of America Tycoon
2005 The Guild (Gold Edition)
2006 The Guild 2
2007 The Guild II: Pirates of The European Seas   (expansion for The Guild II)
2008 The Guild II: Venice   (expansion for The Guild II was developed by Trine Games)

Cranberry Production[edit]

In 2007, dtp entertainment bought 4HEAD Studios and changed it into Cranberry Production.[1] The new company's first release was Mata Hari.

Cranberry Production has since produced the sequels to The Black Mirror, namely Black Mirror II in 2009 and Black Mirror III in 2011.


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