Crandon International Off-Road Raceway

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Crandon International Off-Road Raceway
Location U.S. Route 8 1 mile west of Crandon, Wisconsin, USA
Major events

TORC World Championship Off-Road Races

Spring Brush Run
Short Course Road Course
Surface Dirt
Length 2.5 km (1.5 mi)
Banking varies
Lap record 1:19.037[1] (Johnny Greaves, Greaves Motorsports, 2011, TORC (Pro 4))
Lap record 1:20.632[1] (Bryce Menzies, Menzies Motorsports, 2011, TORC (Pro 2))
Lap record 1:24.681[1] (Bradley Morris, BME Motorsports, 2013, TORC (Pro Light))
2WD trucks lined up to start the 2008 BorgWarner
Rob MacCachren racing in 2013 truck

The Crandon International Off-Road Raceway is a short course off road racing racetrack, located near Crandon, Wisconsin, United States on U.S. Route 8. that hosts the World Championship Off-Road Races and the TORC: The Off Road Championship.

Track layout[edit]

The track started out as a 1.75-mile (2.82 km) long off-road track. The track was shortened to 1.5 miles (2.4 km). In 2002, a shortcut through the track was installed to allow a 1.25-mile (2.01 km) long lap. This allowed spectators to see the entire track, and it is utilized for selected events.

Races are started with a "land rush" start. The vehicles are started side by side in a standing start.

World Championship Off-Road Races[edit]

The "World Championship Off-Road Races" were first held in a 101-mile (163 km) race on a 2514 mile course in 1970.[2] The event takes place on Labor Day weekend. Numerous sanctioning bodies have sanctioned the event. It was sanctioned by SODA until WSORR took over the sanction until 2007. CORR sanctioned in 2008, and after it folded, the Traxxas TORC Series sanctioned the 2009 event. All of the classes compete for a class world championship.

There is a separate overall world championship race. The race pits 2 wheel-drive (2WD) Trophy Trucks against 4×4 trucks with the exception of the 2009 event. The 2WD trucks start ahead of the 4×4 trucks by a distance or time that has varied over the years. Scott Taylor was the first driver to pilot a 2WD truck to victory with victories in 2002 and 2008.[1] In 2010, AMSOIL took over title sponsorship of the shootout race and Chad Hord was the second driver to win in a two-wheel-drive trophy truck. In some years, truck drivers from lower classes were allowed to compete along with the trophy trucks.

In some years of the 1970s, the prize money was split between all finishers or all division winners, on those years the driver with the fastest time is listed.[2] Winners of the AMSOIL Cup World Championship:[1]

Brush run races[edit]

The Brush Run races are held in June. The event used to be called the Spring Brush Run. Featured at the Brush Run is the heavy-metal shootout race, now called the "Crandon Cup". The trophy had been known as the "Governor's Cup".




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