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Path in Cranebank
Cows graze to maintain the biodiversity of the grassland

Cranebank is a Local Nature Reserve on the east bank of the River Crane in Hatton in the London Borough of Hounslow. It is owned and managed by Hounslow Council.[1][2] It is also part of The Crane Corridor Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation.[3][4]

The site[edit]

Cranebank has water meadows which have a number of locally rare species, such as cuckoo flower and ragged robin. It also has ox-bow lakes, and there are 26 species of butterflies and 12 of damselflies and dragonflies.[1]

The reserve is part of a park which has a variety of names. An old notice on the site calls it River Crane Park, while a newer one shows it as part of Crane Valley Park, which stretches along the River Crane from Great Chertsey Road to the Grand Union Canal.[5] It is also shown as part of the six mile long linear Crane Valley Park by London Gardens Online,[6] while London's environmental information centre, Greenspace Information for Greater London, calls it Dudset Farm Pastures.[4][3] The London Loop long distance walk goes through the reserve, and the directions show it as Crane Bank Park.[7]


There is access from Earhart Way and Waye Avenue Open Space.


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Coordinates: 51°28′23″N 0°24′51″W / 51.47302°N 0.4141°W / 51.47302; -0.4141