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Cranfield School of Management
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TypeBusiness School
DeanProfessor David Oglethorpe
United Kingdom

Cranfield School of Management, established in 1967,[2] is a business school that is part of Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. It was ranked among the Top 30 European Business Schools by the Financial Times in 2017.[3] Cranfield School of Management is triple accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), EQUIS and AACSB.[2][4][5] It is particularly well known for its MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management, MSc Finance and Management, MSc Management as well as its MBA programme.[citation needed] Cranfield University, the UK's only wholly postgraduate university, specialises in science, technology, engineering, and management.


The Cranfield University campus, which includes the School of Management, is located just outside the village of Cranfield in the Bedfordshire countryside, near Milton Keynes.

The School's Management Information Resource Centre offers access to electronic resources and is equipped with a "Bloomberg Suite", a series of terminals offering access to live financial services news and data on industries, markets, economic indicators, equities, bonds and derivatives.[citation needed] The school also has a purpose-built residential management training centre.


  • 1937: an RAF airbase was set up near Cranfield village in Bedfordshire in 1937 in the build-up to the Second World War.
  • 1946: the airbase became the site of a College of Aeronautics to provide education and training for aeronautical engineers. Aspects of management were a feature of Cranfield programmes from the late 1940s.
  • 1953: the Work Study School, which evolved to become Cranfield School of Management, opened.
  • 1964: the first Cranfield MBA programme was run.[6]
  • 1967: Cranfield School of Management was founded.
  • 1969: Cranfield was awarded its Royal Charter giving it university status and the power to confer degrees under the new name of Cranfield Institute of Technology.
  • 1993: Cranfield Institute of Technology changed its name to Cranfield University.
  • 2001: Cranfield SoM gained Triple Crown accreditation, one of the first few to do so in the UK


MBA programme[edit]

The Cranfield MBA is a full-time one-year programme beginning in September each year. The class comprises around 100 students drawn from 30 to 40 countries.[7]

The Cranfield Executive MBA is a two-year part-time programme that starts in January each year. The programme is offered in a weekend format and has a focus on real-world learning and leadership development.[8]

Finance Programmes[edit]

The Finance programme is a full-time one-year programme. The class comprises approximately 100 students with people from all over the world.

There are two subprogrammes in finance, which are finance and management programmes and investment management programmes. Core module of both course are quite the same; however, the electives modules are different.[9]

Defence programmes[edit]

Along with other schools of Cranfield University, the School of Management provides programmes for the Defence Academy, UK, which is responsible for training for members of the UK Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence Civil Servants. Programmes are offered at MBA and MSc level,

Doctoral programmes[edit]

The School offers a PhD programme on both a full-time and part-time basis and an International Executive Doctorate (DBA) on a part-time basis.[10]

General Management Programmes[edit]

Cranfield's Centre for General Management focuses on developing the conceptual framework and practical understanding essential to work with a general management perspective. Its portfolio of executive programmes is designed to develop personal leadership effectiveness and improve long term business results, enabling managers to make the personal transitions required at key points in their careers.


Business (MBA) Rankings
Global MBA rankings
(2018, world)
Financial Times[12]
(2018, world)
Bloomberg Businessweek[13]
(2017, world)
(2017, world)
The Economist[15]
(2018, world)
(2019, world)
(2017, world)
National UK MBA rankings
(2018, National)
Financial Times[19]
(2018, national)
Bloomberg Businessweek[13]
(2017, national)
(2017, national)
The Economist[20]
(2018, national)

The Cranfield School of Management is highly ranked globally as well as nationally.

As an exclusively postgraduate university, the University is excluded from the Times Higher Education World Rankings, The Times World Rankings, The Complete University Guide and The Guardian, which focus on helping prospective undergraduate students to compare universities.

  • In 2017,
    • the Financial Times "Executive Education Custom Programmes" ranked it 2nd in the UK and 10th in the world.[21]
    • the "MSc in Management" programme was ranked 1st in the UK and 7th in the world by The Economist in their Masters in Management 2017 ranking.[22]
    • Forbes ranked a CBS's programme as one of their "Top 10 International One Year MBA programmes".[23]
  • In 2015,
    • the Financial Times "Masters in Finance Ranking" put it 4th in the UK and 22nd in the world.[24]
    • the Financial Times "Executive Education Open Enrolment Programmes Ranking" placed it 3rd in the UK and 33rd in the world.[25]
    • the Financial Times "Global MBA ranking" put it 45th in the world, 1st in the world for organisational behaviour, 2nd in the world for economics.[26]
  • In 2014,
  • In 2008, the Financial Times ranked CBS as 3rd best European Business School within the UK and 13th within Europe.[28] Cranfield's full-time one-year MBA programme was named 7th in the world and 1st in the UK and its MSc in Finance and Management was named 6th in the world and 2nd in the UK by the Times Higher Education/Wall Street Journal.[29][better source needed]

International links[edit]

Cranfield School of Management has Memoranda of Understanding with:

The School of Management has run programmes with and hosted exchange students from a number of business schools around the world including ESADE, Spain, EM Lyon, France, University of Cape Town, South Africa and University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

Notable alumni[edit]

The alumni body of Cranfield School of Management is an international network of professional managers from business, the professions, the public and not-for-profit sectors. Currently, the network includes more than 18,000 professional managers in over 120 countries.[30]

Cranfield University are in the top 1% of institutions in the world for alumni who hold CEO positions at the world's top companies according to the Centre for World University Rankings, 2017.[31]


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