Crash 'n' Burn (2004 video game)

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Crash 'N' Burn
Crash 'N' Burn Coverart.png
North American cover art
Developer(s) Climax Racing
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox
  • NA: November 15, 2004 (PS2)
  • NA: November 16, 2004 (Xbox)
  • EU: December 10, 2004
Genre(s) Racing, vehicular combat

Crash 'N' Burn is a racing video game developed by Climax Racing and published by Eidos Interactive in 2004. The game bears no relation to the 3DO title of the same name.


In the game, the player races in fictional recreations of real-world locations in the United States, such as Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco, against 15 AI opponents. A variety of game modes are available, most of which are unlocked through gaining experience from available events until reaching a specific experience level. The games modes are:

  • Race - Player chooses a location and track, and races opponents to cross the finish line after a set number of laps.
  • Team Race - Red and Blue teams are organized at random. Same as a regular race, but whichever team places higher overall collectively wins.
  • Kamikaze - Same as a regular race, except that half of the cars go in one direction around the track, and the other half goes the opposite direction.
  • Team Kamikaze - Same as Kamikaze race, with the scoring of a regular team race.
  • Running Man - Points are gained by being the "running man." Whoever is the running man must evade opponents for as long as possible. If a player tags the running man, they begin to gain points, and must evade opponents themselves.
  • Last Man Standing - All players must attempt to stay alive while wrecking as many opponents as possible. Points are gained through wrecking opponents, and a large bonus is awarded to the last player alive. The player with the most points wins.
  • Team Last Man Standing - Red and blue teams fight each other in the same fashion. The surviving team collectively wins.
  • Bomb Tag - A player is randomly selected to carry the bomb, which is continuously counting down. This player must tag an opponent and be rid of the bomb before the timer hits 0. When an opponent is carrying the bomb when it hits 0, they are instantly destroyed. The last player alive wins.
  • Assassination - A player is selected at random to be highlighted for a short period of time. While highlighted, opponents gain points for attacking them and a large bonus for wrecking them. The last player alive gains a large bonus, but the player with the most points overall wins.

The player has four different car models to choose from: Compact, Pickup, Muscle and Sports. Compact cars and pickup trucks are available from the start while muscle and sports must be unlocked later in the game. Each model has its own unique selection of body parts, including spoilers, front and rear bumpers, and side skirts. Although all vehicles are fictional, certain combinations of parts can be used to resemble real world vehicles.

Almost every track featured in the game has static obstacles, such as slaloms, crossovers, and jumps. Also featured are "X" tracks, which contain additional bumps and ramps. Dynamic obstacles will appear as races progress, such as oil and ignitable fuel slicks, as well as wreckage from totaled opponents' vehicles.

All vehicle customization is unlocked through the in game shop. Every event completed awards the player both experience (EXP) and money. Additional bonuses are awarded for wrecking opponents, setting fast laps, placing in the top three, and leading laps. Earning EXP will eventually level the player up, which unlocks new items from the shop, which are purchased one at a time with money. At certain EXP levels, the player gains free bonuses, such as access to muscle and sports cars.


Review scores
Game Informer7/10[3]7/10[3]
Game RevolutionC+[4]C+[4]
OPM (US)2/5 stars[7]N/A
OXM (US)N/A5.1/10[8]
X-PlayN/A3/5 stars[10]
The Sydney Morning Herald2.5/5 stars[11]2.5/5 stars[11]
Aggregate score

The game received "mixed" reviews on both platforms according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.[12][13]


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