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Crashmo logo.jpg
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Taku Sugioka
Composer(s) Shoh Murakami
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
  • JP: October 31, 2012
  • EU: November 15, 2012
  • AU: November 15, 2012
  • NA: November 22, 2012
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Crashmo, known in Europe and Australia as Fallblox and in Japan as Hiku Otsu (引ク落ツ?, lit. "Pull-fall"), is a puzzle video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.[1] The game is a sequel to Pushmo and was released in Japan on October 31, 2012, in Europe and Australia on November 15, 2012, and in North America on November 22, 2012.[2]

Gameplay. These two screen shots show a level in the game from different perspectives.


Crashmo received "generally favorable" reviews, according to ratings aggregator Metacritic.[3]

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan rated the game an 8/10: "Fallblox is yet another Intelligent Systems game that seems to truly know its place in the world: it's happy to be a smart little download treat that comes alive for a few minutes every night before bed."[4] Edge's Nathan Brown said of the game, "For tenacious players and those inclined towards the genre, Fallblox could prove an irresistible draw, with clearing its parade of cryptic conundrums a delicious prospect. For others, the game's difficulty, and its visual and thematic linearity, will prove tiresome, their enthusiasm for its self-evident ingenuity petering out before each of its challenges has fallen."[1]

Audrey Drake of IGN described the game as "amazing" and a "must download" for 3DS owners. She was surprised to see Pushmo, a game she already held in high regard, improved. Drake had high praise for the "clever" gameplay, high difficulty, character and environment design, and camera controls. Her one criticism was that the high difficulty could scare off new players.[5]


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