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The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of the Crater (July 30, 1864) of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee

III Corps[edit]

LTG A. P. Hill

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Richard Anderson's Division
     BG William Mahone

Mahone's (Virginia) Brigade

   Col David A. Weisiger (w)
   Col George T. Rogers

Wilcox's (Alabama) Brigade

   Col John C. C. Sanders

Wright's (Georgia) Brigade

   Ltc Matthew R. Hall

  • 3rd Georgia: Ltc Claiborne Snead
  • 22nd Georgia: Col George H. Jones
  • 48th Georgia: Ltc Reuben W. Carswell
  • 64th Georgia: Col John W. Evans (w)


BG William N. Pendleton

First Corps
     Ltc Frank Huger

Haskell's Battalion

   Maj John C. Haskell

  • Branch Battery (North Carolina): Cpt Henry G. Flanner
  • Nelson Battery (Virginia): Cpt James N. Lamkin
13th Battalion Virginia Light Artillery

   Maj Wade H. Gibbs (w)

  • Company A, Otey Battery: Cpt David N. Walker
  • Company B, Ringgold Battery: Cpt Crispin Dickenson
  • Company C, Davidson's Battery: Lt John H. Chamberlayne
  • Mortar Battery:[1] Lt Jack Langhorne

Third Corps
     Col Reuben Lindsay Walker

Pegram's Battalion

   Ltc William Pegram

  • Crenshaw's Battery (Virginia): Cpt Thomas Ellett
  • Letcher Light Artillery: Cpt Thomas A. Brander

Department of North Carolina And Southern Virginia[edit]

Gen P.G.T. Beauregard

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Johnson's Division
     BG Bushrod Johnson

Ransom's (North Carolina) Brigade

   Col Leroy M. McAfee

  • 24th North Carolina: Col William J. Clarke
  • 25th North Carolina: Maj William S. Grady (mw)
  • 35th North Carolina: Col James T. Johnson
  • 49th North Carolina: Ltc John A. Flemming (k), Ltc James T. Davis
  • 56th North Carolina: Cpt Lawson Harrill
Elliott's (South Carolina) Brigade

   BG Stephen Elliott, Jr. (w)
   Col. Fitz W. McMaster

  • 17th South Carolina: Col Fitz W. McMaster, Maj John R. Culp
  • 18th South Carolina: Cpt Robert H. Glenn
  • 22nd South Carolina: Col David G. Flemming (k), Cpt James N. Shedd
  • 23rd South Carolina: Cpt Edwin R. White (w)
  • 26th South Carolina: Col Alexander D. Smith
Wise's (Virginia) Brigade

   Col J. Thomas Goode

Hoke's Division
     MG Robert Hoke

Clingman's (North Carolina) Brigade

   BG Thomas L. Clingman

  • 61st North Carolina: Col James D. Radcliffe
Colquitt's (Georgia) Brigade

[temporarily assigned to Johnson's Division]
   BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 6th Georgia: Col John T. Lofton
  • 19th Georgia: Col James H. Neal
  • 23rd Georgia: Col James H. Huggins
  • 27th Georgia: Maj Hezekiah Bussey
  • 28th Georgia: Cpt John A. Johnson

     Col Hilary P. Jones

Branch's Battalion

   Maj James C. Coit

  • Halifax Battery (Virginia): Cpt Samuel T. Wright
  • Petersburg Battery (Virginia): Cpt Richard G. Pegram


  1. ^ manned by soldiers of Otey & Ringgold Batteries


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