Crateuas of Macedon

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Crateuas (Craterus)
King of Macedon
Reign399 BC
PredecessorArchelaus I
House(Ancient) Macedon (usurped)
ReligionAncient Greek religion

Crateuas (Greek: Κρατεύας), also called Craterus (Κρατερός), was King of Macedon for four days in 399 BC. He was lover of Archelaus I of Macedon, whom he killed to become a king himself.[1] According to another version, Crateuas killed the king because Archelaus had promised to give him one of his daughters in marriage, but later gave her to someone else.[2] A third version asserts that Archelaus was unintentionally struck by Crateuas during a hunt.[3] Crateuas was succeeded by Orestes and Aeropus II.


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Preceded by
Archelaus I
King of Macedon
399 BC
Succeeded by
Aeropus II