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Beveridge in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2008

Crawford W. Beveridge CBE is a Scottish-American technology executive.

Beveridge, originally from Scotland, attended the University of Edinburgh, earning a B.Sc. in social science. He followed that with an M.Sc. in industrial administration from the University of Bradford, England.

He was given the honor of a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1995[1] and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2016.[2]

Beveridge's business background included Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment Corp. and Analog Devices.[3] In 1985, he joined Sun Microsystems as vice president of corporate resources, where he stayed until 1991,[4] when he left and took the position of chief executive of Scottish Enterprise.[5]

In 2000, he returned to Sun to fill the position of executive vice president people and places and chief human resources officer.[3] He was a board member of corporations outside of Sun, including Autodesk,[6] Memec and Scottish Equity Partners.[7] He is a non-executive chairman of the board in Autodesk and as of July 2016, Beveridge owns approximately $1.9 million worth of Autodesk shares.[8]

He was executive vice president and chairman, EMEA, APAC and the Americas of Sun in 2007.[9][10]

He chairs the Scottish government's Council of Economic Advisers.[11]


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