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The Crawford Boxes

The Crawford Boxes are a section of seating in Minute Maid Park running parallel to Crawford Street in downtown Houston, Texas. They are located in left field and span sections 100 through 104 (with all but the latter in fair territory).

The home-plate-to-fence measurement there is only 315 feet (96 meters), one of the shortest in Major League Baseball.[1] A 19-foot wall in front of the elevated boxes houses the hand-operated scoreboard for other games occurring the same day.

Landry's Restaurants, Inc. has purchased the naming rights to the Crawford Boxes.[2] Promoters from various Landry's-owned restaurants (such as Rainforest Cafe and Saltgrass Steakhouse) appear at games and throw T-shirts, keychains, frisbees, and stuffed animals to fans in the Crawford Boxes. Also, any fan who catches a home run ball landing in the Crawford Boxes wins a gift certificate to a Landry's Restaurant.


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