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Crawford Logan is a British actor best known for his work in radio. In 2006 he became the latest actor to play the eponymous hero Paul Temple in a revival of the long-running mystery series on BBC radio. In 2009 he narrated the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, Newton and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levenson.

On television, he has appeared in Doctor Who as Deedrix in The Tom Baker story Meglos and Secret Army. He is also a member of the band The Martians. Crawford Logan played D.I. Donaghue in the crime drama "P Division: Code Four One" on BBC Radio 4 in the 1994 and 1995 series.


Date Title Role Director Station
January 1982March 1982 Earthsearch 2[1] Android Surgeon General Kraken Glyn Dearman BBC Radio 4
23 November 199228 November 1992 Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards![2] Vetinari BBC Radio 4
30 December 1995 Death of an Ugly Sister Ned Chaillet BBC Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre
31 August 1997 - 28 September 1997 Tom's Midnight Garden Uncle Alan John Taylor BBC Radio 4
25 May 2004 15 Minutes to Go: Viper in the Nest Headmaster / Radio Announcer Lu Kemp BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
26 March 2005 The Distant Echo[3] MacLennan Lu Kemp BBC Radio 4 Saturday Play
12 September 2005 15 Minutes that Changed the World: Amo, Amas, Amat Doctor Lu Kemp BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
7 August 20062 October 2006 Paul Temple and the Sullivan Mystery [4] Paul Temple Patrick Rayner BBC Radio 4
16 May 20084 July 2008 Paul Temple and the Madison Mystery[5] Paul Temple BBC Radio 4
26 March 2009 Gondwanaland[6] Marbury Kirsty Williams BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
28 February 2010 La Princesse de Clèves[7] Chorus 3 Kirsty Williams BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3
11 June 201030 July 2010 Paul Temple and Steve[8] Paul Temple Patrick Rayner BBC Radio 4
24 August 201112 October 2011 A Case for Paul Temple[9] Paul Temple Patrick Rayner BBC Radio 4
8 July 2012 The Go-Between[10] Mr. Maudsley Matt Thompson BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3
3 July 2013 Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair[11] Paul Temple Patrick Rayner BBC Radio 4


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