Crawfords State Forest

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Crawfords State Forest is a state forest located in New Kent County, Virginia. It is covered in mixed hardwoods, including bald cypress and loblolly pine. The trail head is located to the south side of route 60 between Bottoms Bridge and Providence Forge just before a store in the wide median between the highway.

The trail is perhaps 1-1/2 to 2 miles long with easy footing. The wide wooded path passes behind a few houses before crossing railroad tracks. The approach to the track is sometimes a wet bog. The path continues to a creek where it turns right/west and meanders along the water, eventually looping back on itself. It's easy to loose the marker in the loop area...just bear east to find the trail back.

The trail is near a shooting range so shots can be heard all day long. Some dogs and people may not be able to tolerate the loud noise. Aside from the gunshots, it is a peaceful and pleasant place to walk or fish.

Along the trail turkey, eagles and black snakes can be found. The local plants are beautiful and what can be viewed changes with the seasons. A series of manmade trenches are evident, likely remnants of civil war battles. Metal detecting and scavenging are prohibited.

The park has no trash cans nor restrooms nor drinking water. All can be found at a popular local diner and a Sport's Mart with a tasty food counter just a few miles east of the trail head.