Crawley Down Monastery

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Crawley Down Monastery is an Anglican monastery located in a rural setting at Crawley Down, near Crawley, West Sussex, England.

The monastery is part of the order of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God (CSWG), an Anglican order based on the Benedictine rule. It has both men and women living under the same monastic rule. [1] It is a semi-eremitical community.

From 1973 to 2009, the Father Superior (head of the monastery) was Father Gregory CSWG. [2] Father Gregory died on August 12th 2009. Father Colin has been Superior since then.

The community celebrate a sung Office / Liturgy of the Hours each day which uses modal chant within an orthodox style of liturgy. The Jesus Prayer is recited communally on a number of evenings each week reflecting the community's links with the Orthodox monastery at Tolleshunt Knights.