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Craydawn was a Finnish power metal band.


The band was founded by guitarist Antti Wirman and keyboardist Mikael Blomberg in 1997 under the name Wisard. In 1998 they recorded Drowning, a three-track demo, after which Blomberg left the group. In 1999 they recorded a full-length titled Open Skies and a demo titled Sheets of Lies and saw a number of lineup changes before changing their name to Craydawn. They have toured supporting Sonata Arctica. The band broke up in 2007.


  • Manu - vocals
  • Antti Wirman - guitar
  • "Laiska" Laitinen - guitar
  • Janne Katalkin - bass
  • Mikko Sepponen - drums

Former members: Luis Herrero (vocals), Pekka Palmu (guitar), Jaakko Teittinen (guitar), Tapio Oksanen (bass), Mikael Blomberg (keyboards), Vili Ollila (keyboards), Jukka Salo (vocals)


As Wisard[edit]

  • Drowning (1998)
  • Open Skies (1999)

As Craydawn[edit]

  • Sheets of Lies
  • Promo 2004 (2004)
  • Promo 2005 (2005)
  • Promo 2006 (2006)
  • Earth, Wind, and Whatever (2007)

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