Crazy Climber 2

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Developer(s) Nichibutsu
Publisher(s) Nichibutsu, HAMSTER(PS4)
Designer(s) Shigeki Fujiwara
Composer(s) Takeshi Yoshida[1]
Platform(s) Arcade,
Sharp X68000[2]
Release Arcade
Sharp X68000
PS4(Arcade Archives)
  • JP: February 26, 2015
  • NA: October 15, 2015
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Armed Formation[4]
CPU Main: 68000 @ 8 MHz
Sound: Z80 @ 4 MHz[4]
Sound YM3812 @ 4 MHz,
Display Raster,
288×224 resolution,
60 Hz refresh rate,[1]
2048 out of 4096 colors[4]

Crazy Climber 2 (クレイジークライマー2) is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Nichibutsu. It is the sequel to the 1980 arcade game Crazy Climber. The gameplay is mostly identical to that of its predecessor, but there some significant differences. Unlike its predecessor, Crazy Climber 2 was only released in Japan in arcades.

Differences from predecessor[edit]

  • The graphics are much more advanced.
  • In the background there are multiple signs advertising things, including Coca-Cola.
  • In some windows, there will be a teenage girl sitting at the window. If the player is taken to this window, they will receive a kiss and bonus points.
  • There are six levels rather than four.
  • Upon completion of the sixth level, the game ends, unlike its predecessor, in which the player is teleported back to the first level.
  • The buildings are taller and the layout of the levels are completely different.


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