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This article is about the English-learning brand by Li Yang. For the film about the brand, see Crazy English (film).

Crazy English (Chinese: 疯狂英语; pinyin: Fēngkuáng Yīngyǔ) is a brand name related to a non-traditional method

learning English in mainland China conceived by Li Yang. Li believes that the traditional way of learning English in China is ineffective.  Li Yang's method places heavy emphasis on practicing English orally.  His method can be described with the slogan "By shouting out loud, you learn."[1]  Students practise his technique by going behind buildings or on rooftops and shouting English. They also go to his rallies and shout together; this helps them overcome their shyness (everybody is doing it, so nobody is embarrassed). In many ways it remains similar to the traditional pedagogic practices of Chinese education in that it still relies on repetition and recitation. Members of the school administration in China often disapprove of the method because they believe it goes against the traditional Chinese values of modesty and restraint.


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