Crazy Girls Undercover

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Crazy Girls Undercover
Directed by Chris Langman
Written by Nobert Alaman
Starring Clive Robertson
Music by Carl Johnson
Edited by Sonny Baskin

Crazy Girls Undercover is a 2008 B-movie directed by Chris Langman and starring Clive Robertson and Nikki Ziering.


The film is about a group of Las Vegas sexy showgirls who are undercover agents working with a former C.I.A. agent (Robertson) to stop a terrorist attack. The film takes its name from the Riviera hotel and casino's showgirls show, and includes scenes showing the hotel and the bronzed thong and butt sculpture. In one scene drag queens dressed as Cher, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson are seated in the audience.



Filming was on location in Las Vegas and many of the top casinos can be seen in the shots including Circus Circus, Monte Carlo, and the Stratosphere.


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