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Crazy Monkey is a series of spots made for MTV to go between music videos.[1] The team behind Crazy Monkey first made them in the hope of MTV just airing them at least once,[2] and thus staking the South African flag on the airwaves of the world's music channel.

Crazy Monkey is made up of Trevor Clarence, Brendan Jack, Gavin Williams and the late Brett Goldin.[1][3] The group started by having fun with a video camera and making fun of extreme culture.[1][2]

After success in South Africa, Crazy Monkey was soon picked up by all the MTV regions in Europe, Canada, South America, Australia and Asia. They even dubbed the spots into German. It wasn't long before MTV commissioned more spots, and even flew the guys to London to shoot some Crazy Monkey in the UK.[2]

There have been entire weekends on MTV in the UK, Canada and Scandinavia that have been devoted to Crazy Monkey.[1][3] One fan, a Canadian wrestler, changed his name to Trevor Clarence after one of the show's creators.[3]

Crazy Monkey teamed up with producers Ronnie Apteker and Tendeka Matatu[4] for their first feature film, Straight Outta Benoni.[2][3][4]

Brett Goldin murder[edit]

On 17 April 2006, the bodies of Brett Goldin and a friend, Richard Bloom, were found in a field next to the M5 freeway to Klipfontein Road in Mowbray, Cape Town. They had been shot in cold blood and had had various items of clothing removed in an apparent gang related incident. The perpetrators were caught.[5]

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