Cream of asparagus soup

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Cream of asparagus soup
Cream of asparagus soup
Chilled asparagus soup with crème fraîche and pink peppercorn
Asparagus is a main ingredient in cream of asparagus soup.

Cream of asparagus soup is a soup prepared with asparagus, stock and milk or cream as primary ingredients.

Ingredient variations exist. Cream of asparagus soup may be served hot or cold,[1] and the soup may be finished with various garnishes such as chives, crème fraîche and sour cream.

Ingredients and preparation methods[edit]

Asparagus, a light chicken or vegetable stock and milk or cream are primary ingredients.[2] The cooked asparagus may be puréed or pulped in its preparation,[1][2] and some preparations may combine both puréed and solid forms of asparagus, such as cooked asparagus tips.[3] Puréed versions may be strained through a sieve to remove stray stringy asparagus matter.[1] The use of thick pieces of asparagus can enhance the flavor of puréed versions of cream of asparagus soup,[4] as can the use of fresh asparagus while it is in season (during spring).[5][6]

It may be thickened using a roux, and some versions may omit milk and use extra stock, along with additional roux to thicken the soup.[2] It may be served garnished with cooked asparagus tips,[3][5] croutons,[7] sour cream, crème fraîche,[1] herbs such as chives, parsley and tarragon,[4] and other foods. Cold versions may contain cream stirred into the soup prior to serving, or may be topped with sour cream.[1]

Additional ingredients in its preparation may include half and half, light cream,[4] evaporated milk, onion, garlic, lemon juice,[7] celery, salt, pepper,[5] leeks[6] and herbs such as basil and parsley.[8] Cheese may add flavor and thickness to the soup in versions that omit cream[3] or milk. Sometimes rice is added.[9]

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