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Creamer may refer to:


  • Chris Creamer, Canadian website owner of
  • David S. Creamer (1858–1946) was an Ohio politician. He was state treasurer from 1909 to 1913 and state fire marshal
  • George Creamer (1855–1886), American Major League Baseball second baseman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Henry Creamer (1879–1930), American popular song lyricist, and part of the songwriting team of Creamer & Layton
  • John Creamer (born ?), an international disc jockey; see John Creamer & Stephane K
  • Lucy Creamer (born 1971), Champion rock climber
  • Marvin Creamer (1916–2020), former college professor and amateur American sailor noted for having sailed around the globe without the aid of navigational instruments
  • Matthew Creamer (born ?), award-winning American journalist who reports on marketing, advertising, media, and pop culture and is an editor-at-large at Advertising Age magazine
  • Paula Creamer (born 1986), American golfer
  • Peter Creamer (born 1953), English former professional footballer who played as a defender
  • Pierre Creamer (born 1944), former Canadian ice hockey coach
  • Robert Creamer (1922–2012), American journalist and author
  • Robert Creamer (political consultant) (born 1947), American political consultant
  • Thomas J. Creamer (1843–1914), American politician
  • Timothy Creamer (born 1959), NASA astronaut and a Colonel in the United States Army
  • William W. Creamer (1916–1942), United States Navy officer and Navy Cross recipient


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