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Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA) is an organisation based in Delhi and the United States that promotes women's human rights and sexual rights for all people. They focus on increasing access to information and resources, providing leadership training, and advocating for social and policy changes to support women in the global south.

CREA was founded in 2000 in India and in 2001 in the United States.


CREA organises a number of international workshops and conferences promoting women's leadership and sexuality and gender rights.

Some examples of the workshops and institutes they organise:

The Feminist Leadership and Movement Building Institute
a week-long course "designed to strengthen feminist leadership, strategies and collective power for social transformation in Africa".[1]
1st Institute -- 2008, in Entebbe, Uganda
2nd Institute -- April 2010, co-sponsored with Akina Mama wa Afrika in Kampala, Uganda.
The Global Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute
1st Institute -- February 2007, in New Paltz, New York [2]
4th Institute: Exploring Theory and Practice -- June, 2010, in Istanbul, Turkey[3]
The Disability, Sexuality and Rights online training workshop


CREA's co-founder and Executive Director is Geetanjali Misra, who also directs the Sexuality and Rights Institute in India.[4]

CREA has a staff of 20, and is supported by a Board of Directors in both executives in both India and the US, including Sashwati Bannerjee, Bishakha Datta, and Shohini Ghosh.[5]

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