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A creationist museum is a facility hosting exhibits which use the established natural history museum format to present a creationist view that the Earth and life on Earth were created some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago in six days.[1] These facilities generally promote Biblically-literalist creationism and contest evolutionary science, which has led to heavy criticism from the scientific community.[2]



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  • Museum of Creation and Earth History, located in Santee, California,[7] was originally part of the Institute for Creation Research. The museum, established shortly after its parent in 1970, moved to its current site in the mid-1980s. The museum presents the view that all humans are descendants of the first humans created by God some six to ten thousand years ago and that a worldwide flood left behind beds of fossils that can be found all around the world, including on high plateaus and mountain ranges.[9] The museum displays portraits of people the museum identifies as evolutionists, such as Andrew Carnegie – who is described as "cruel and heartless in his own day to competitors and laborers alike" – along with Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler.[9]




An exhibit at the Creation Museum showing humans alongside dinosaurs
  • Creation Museum, located in Petersburg, Kentucky, opened in 2007 and constructed at a cost of $27 million, includes exhibits of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden accompanied by dinosaurs.[7] Fossils are said to have been created in the biblical Flood during the days of Noah.[1] Plans for the museum date back to 1996.[10] This museum has drawn criticism from scientists, who have circulated petitions accusing the Creation Museum of undermining education. According to Lawrence M. Krauss, "When they try to confuse kids about what is science and what isn't science, scientists have an obligation to speak out. There's no doubt that these are documented lies".[1]


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  • 7 Wonders Creation Museum, located in Silverlake, Washington near Mount St. Helens, use the volcano's 1980 eruption to show that geologic change can happen on a rapid scale, and that changes believed by mainstream scientists to take millions of years can occur in as short a period of time as hours or days.[21] Reporter Johnson says this approach to creationism has been described as potentially plausible to non-specialists.[21] Scientists claim that this interpretation of the evidence can only be supported by ignoring scientific method and any evidence that disagrees with a foregone conclusion.[22]


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