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Listed below is an summary of the varied projects created by Daji throughout the novel Fengshen Yanyi.[1]

The Bronze Toaster[1][edit]

The Bronze Toaster was the first creation suggested by Daji. It was suggested in chapter 6. Intended as a torture device, it was a bronze cylindrical device that stood over twenty feet tall and eight feet wide. It also had two wheels on each side to allow it to be moved around. Once the toaster was created, three layers of burning charcoal over three layers of burning fire could be seen inside. The victims were stripped naked and bound before being placed in the toaster. The toaster was used to execute Grand Counselor Mei Bo. Great fans were also applied to quicken the frying of his body. After this execution in chapter 6, the toaster was never mentioned again.

The Snake Pit[1][edit]

The Snake Pit would be the first introduced mechanism during chapter 17 of Fengshen Yanyi. The snake pit would be dug beneath the Star-Picking Belvedere and would be twenty-five feet around. Poisonous spiders and exceedingly venomous snakes would be used as the primary method of torture within this "device". Once King Zhou would unleash the edict for this pit's production, four spiders and snakes would be levied from each household as to ensure success. However, such an action only put the people into greater poverty and misery. Once this pit was finally constructed and everything was ready, the seventy-two unfortunately chosen maidens would be shaved of their hair, bound together, stripped of their clothing, and thrown into the snake pit to be devoured. Soon enough, each and every maiden was thrown into this pit and killed in time. This snake pit would remain as a torturing device noted a few times following its first use.

The Wine Pool and Meat Forest[1][edit]

The Wine Pool combined with the Meat Forest would be the second introduced mechanism within chapter 17 of Fengshen Yanyi. The Wine Pool would be placed on the left side of the Snake Pit, while the later Meat Forest would be placed on the right—thus forming a small park before the Star-Picking Belvedere. To start things off within the Wine Pool, fifty maidens and fifty eunuchs would be chosen as a set. One maiden would be tied to one eunuch forming an overall pair of fifty. After being thrown into the pool, each individual pair would have to drink the pool's wine and perform swimming tricks within the water. Once each pair is readily drunk, they would be set within the Meat Forest and enjoy an abundance of cooked duck, roasted pig, and so forth. Once the sun sets into the west, a few of the chosen fifty pairs would be beaten to a bloody pulp and secretly fed to Daji as to ease her need for human flesh to survive. Thus, this method of creative torture would be instilled by Daji for quite some time following chapter 17.

The Deer Gallery[1][edit]

The Deer Gallery would be the final project at least thought of during chapter 17. Daji had chosen this Deer Gallery as an ensured way to put an end to Jiang Ziya, who had been entrusted to create the impossible—the gallery itself. This large tower like structure would be forty-nine feet in height (double the size of the Star-Picking Belvedere), fully equipped with columns of jade, floors of marble, roofs and ceilings of legendary jewels, and railings of great pearls and sea corals.


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