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Creative Barcode was a nonprofit organization that allows members to share new ideas without the risk of unauthorized copying. It was founded in 2010.[1] Members embed digital codes in creative works to indicate usage permissions. Private disclosure is made to other members who agree not to publicly disclose the idea or use the idea without permission of the original creator. Members agree to dispute resolution through the World Intellectual Property Organization.[2]

In June 2011, Creative Barcode licensed its idea registration process to AHHHA USA, a social ideation[clarification needed] platform, and Brunel University.[3][4]

Inventor advocate Simon Brown, founder of the UK based United Innovation Association, has recommended that Creative Barcode be considered for protecting new ideas posted on crowdfunding sites.[5]

Creative Barcode charged fees to the creative works producers. Alternative registration and marketing program of creative works were proposed that would have no fees for image producers.[6]

Creative Barcode announced on 14 June 2019 that they would cease operation on 6 July 2019.[7]


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