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The Creative Coalition
Founded 1989 by Ron Silver
Type Non-profit
Fields Media attention, direct-appeal campaigns, research, lobbying
Key people
Tim Daly (President, 2008-present), Robin Bronk (CEO, 2010-present)

The Creative Coalition is a nonprofit, (501(c)(3)) advocacy group formed of members of the American entertainment industry. The organization was founded in 1989 by Ron Silver.[1] Tim Daly serves as the organization's president.[2] Notable members have included Christopher Reeve, Ron Reagan, Blair Brown, Michael J. Fuchs, Alec Baldwin, Joe Pantoliano, Stephen Collins, and current president, Tim Daly. The coalition addresses both industry related issues, as well as general social issues. The group educates leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance, specifically in the areas of First Amendment rights, arts advocacy and public education.

The group has sponsored benefit galas at both Democratic and Republican conventions, raising nearly $1.8 million during the 2004 presidential campaign. However, it does not contribute to political campaigns directly. It employs lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie & Associates to advance its interest in Washington.[1]


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