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Creative Review
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1981
Company Centaur Media
Country United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 0262-1037

Creative Review is a monthly magazine targeted on the commercial arts and design scene. It has a circulation of around 20,000 readers.[citation needed] In general it focuses content on media originating in United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, and showcases contemporary advertising, design,[1] illustration, new media, photography, and typography.

History and profile[edit]

Creative Review, launched in 1981,[2] is published by Centaur Media,[3][4][5] and has been edited by Patrick Burgoyne[6] since 1999.


The magazine runs several awards and competitions throughout the year. Creative Review also publishes an annual double issue titled Creative Review – The Annual which showcases the best work of the year in visual communication from the fields of advertising, graphic design, digital media, packaging, music videos and related media. A separate Creative Review - The Photography Annual specializes in the best photography of the year.

Cover art typically features typography, photography, graphics and illustration. Rarely do covers feature the actual artists.


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