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Creator is something or someone who brings something into being.

In religion, "The Creator" may refer to

  • Creator deity, a deity responsible for the creation of the Earth, world, and universe. In monotheism, the single deity is often also "the creator."
  • In a number of Native American religions, the Great Spirit or similar primary deity is often known as "The Creator."

It may also refer to



Other media[edit]

  • Creator (film), a 1985 film starring Peter O'Toole
  • Creator (software), a multimedia software package developed by Nigel Pearce for the monitor manufacturer Microvitec
  • Easy Media Creator (later known as Roxio Creator), another media software package, by a different manufacturer
  • Creator, a GRASP pattern, in object oriented design
  • Imagination Creator, a MIPS-based single-board computer for technology education and amateur hardware and software development


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