Creators: The Past

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Creators: The Past
Creators The Past Film Poster.jpg
Directed byPiergiuseppe Zaia
Produced by
Written by
  • Piergiuseppe Zaia
  • Eleonora Fani
CinematographyEzio Gamba
Running time
97 min

Creators: The Past is an upcoming Italian fantasy film written by Piergiuseppe Zaia and Eleonora Fani, directed by Piergiuseppe Zaia and starring Gérard Depardieu, Bruce Payne, Eleonara Fani, Marc Fiorini, Jennifer Mischiati and William Shatner.


The film provides a fictional explanation as to why the Mayan prophecy did not come to pass. As the end of the year 2012 arrives, the universe is about to undergo an extraordinary planetary alignment. A total eclipse will soon be visible from the planet Earth bringing with it profound vibrational changes.

The eight members of the Galactic Council, headed by Lord Ogmha, gather to discuss the effects of the coming alignment. The Galactic Council regulates the stability of the universe. Each of the members of the Galactic Council is a "Creator" governing their own planet.

Following an accident, the Galactic Council lose control of an object which contains a recording of the entire history and the memories of humanity. Consequently, they entrust a girl with the task of locating the object.



The film was shot on location in Italy. Some scenes were filmed at the Verrès Castle and the Castle Savoia.[2]


The theme song "Across Endless Dimensions" is sung by Dimash Kudaibergen.

Release and Reception[edit]

The film is set to be released in 2019. A trailer for the film was released in January 2019. The film has garnered a number of awards, including best picture at the Festigious International Film Festival in Los Angeles in March 2019. The Festival described the film as a 'joyful viewing experience' with 'stunning visual effects', 'excellent sound work' and 'fantastic cinematography'[3].

Awards and honors[edit]

Aphrodite Film Awards
Winner: Best Fiction Feature Film
Winner: Best 1st Time Filmmaker (Piergiuseppe Zaia)
Winner: Best Actor (Gérard Depardieu)
Winner: Best Visual Effects[4]
Berlin Flash Film Festival
Winner: Best Feature [5]
Cult Critic Movie Awards
Winner: Outstanding Achievement Best Horror/Science Fiction/Genre Feature Film
Nominated: Best Feature Film (Jean-Luc Godard Award)[6]
Festigious International Film Festival
Winner: Best Picture
Winner: Best Sci-Fi
Winner: Best Actor (William Shatner)
Winner (Honorable Mention): Cinematography (Ezio Gamba)[7]
Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival
Winner: Best Picture
The Monthly Film Festival
Winner: Best Trailer
Virgin Spring Cinefest
Winner: Debut Filmmaker (Gold Award)
Winner: Best Music Score (Silver Award)
Nominee: Best Debut Filmmaker (Golden Galaxy Award)[8]


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