Creatures from the Abyss

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Creatures from the Abyss
Directed byAl Passeri
Produced byAl Passeri
Joseph Holden
Screenplay byRichard Baumann
Story byRichard Baumann
StarringClay Rogers
Michael Bon
Sharon Twomey
Laura di Palma
Ann Wolf
Deran Sarafian
Music byElikonia Group
CinematographyDavid Williams
Edited byPeter Jones
Distributed byProduction Film 82
Release date
8 January 2000 (Japan)
Running time
86 minutes

Creatures from the Abyss (original title Plankton) is a 1994 Italian b-movie directed by Al Passeri and written by Richard Bauman. The film starred Clay Rogers, Michael Bon, Sharon Twomey, Laura di Palma, Ann Wolf and infamous low budget movie director and actor Deran Sarafian.


A group of five teenagers, three girls and two boys get lost in the ocean with a Dinghy and a big storm begins. Suddenly they spot a yacht sitting in the middle of the ocean and they go to investigate and to find shelter. But in fact the yacht was a secret laboratory studying mutated fish results of radioactive plankton. One of the specimens escaped killed the whole crew and preys on the unsuspecting teenagers.


  • Clay Rogers as Mike
  • Michael Bon as Bobby
  • Sharon Twomey as Margareth
  • Laura di Palma as Dorothy
  • Ann Wolf as Julie
  • Deran Sarafian as Professor Clark


Reviews for Creatures from the Abyss are mixed to negative. On Rotten tomatoes it has an audience score of 25%. On IMDb it has a rating of 4,6/10. The movie review website, gave the film a score of 4/5 and said that the film is a must for sea monster fans.

Home video[edit]

Shriek Studio released Creatures from the Abyss on 31 July 2007 as part of the Mutant Monsters Triple Feature along with The Dark and The Being.

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