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Credit Europe Bank N.V.
Industry Finance
Founded 1994
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key people
Hüsnü Özyeğin (Founder),
Hector de Beaufort (Chairman),
Murat Basbay (CEO)
Owner FIBA Group
Number of employees

Credit Europe Bank (CEB) is a Dutch registered bank owned by the Turkish financial holding company FIBA Group. The bank is focused on corporate lending as well as on retail banking and operates in the euro-zone countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Malta as well as in China, Dubai, Russia, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine. The bank's strategy is to offer easy-to-use retail banking and SME products as well as private banking. It also offers trade finance and corporate banking services.

It was originally the foreign units of Turkish bank Finansbank, but was renamed as Credit Europe Bank in 2007 when that bank was sold to a Greek bank and the foreign units split into a new bank with headquarters in Amsterdam.


The banking group was first known as Finansbank (Holland) N.V. and was incorporated on 24 February 1994. The bank has had a full banking license in The Netherlands since 1994 and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank.

In 2007 the bank was rebranded as Credit Europe Bank N.V., after Finansbank (the Turkish branch of Finansbank and the 5th biggest bank of Turkey) was sold to the National Bank of Greece. The brand 'Finansbank' was also included in the deal, leading to all branches (except the Turkish one) were renamed into Credit Europe Bank.


Corporate banking[edit]

Credit Europe Bank offers corporate banking services and products such as working capital and project finance loans, syndicated loans and factoring services. In addition, CEB has valuable experience in structured trade and commodity finance.

Bank Relations[edit]

The Credit Europe Bank relations team focuses on risk analysis, global trade services (clearing) and forfaiting. Bank Relations furthermore works closely with Corporate Banking and Treasury to facilitate their activities. Bank Relations maintains correspondent relationships with more than 300 banks worldwide. The aim is to stimulate trade finance opportunities primarily in the bank's target markets. Knowledge exchange and cross-fertilization with subsidiaries working in Russia, Romania and Ukraine contributed to overall performance.

Retail banking[edit]

The bank offers individuals and SME clients straight forward retail banking products in seven European countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, Romania and Russia.

Corporate Governance[edit]

Although Credit Europe Bank NV is not listed in the Netherlands, it voluntarily adheres to the principles and best practices of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, also known as the “Code Tabaksblat”. Additionally, as banking organization, Credit Europe Bank NV also underwrites the Basel Committee rules on Enhancing Corporate Governance for Banking Organisations (the “Basel Rules”).

Credit Europe Bank NV applies a two tier board structure with a Supervisory Board and Managing Board.

The Supervisory Board of Credit Europe Bank NV consists of 6 members, as at 2014 these were; Hector de Beaufort (chairman), Onur Umut, Mehmet Gulesci, Murat Ozyegin, Frits Deiters and Korkmaz Ilkorur.

The members and respective functions of the managing board of CEB NV are; Murat Basbay (Chief Executive Officer), Senol Aloglu (Deputy Chief Executive Officer), Umut Bayoglu (Chief Financial Officer), Scott Cheung (Chief Risk Officer) and Levent Karaca (Corporate Banking and Legal Affairs)


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