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The Creditsafe Group is a privately owned multinational provider of on-line company credit information. Founded in 1997 the company has expanded and now has operations in nine countries across Europe and North America and claims to be the world’s most-used provider of company credit reports. Creditsafe now employs over 800 people and has a customer base in excess of 70 000 subscription customers worldwide.[1]


Creditsafe was founded in 1997 in Oslo, Norway with the idea of using the then emerging technology of the internet to supply business information to a market of smaller and medium-sized businesses by selling over the telephone and delivering reports over the internet. Following the Norwegian launch Creditsafe established an office in Gothenburg Sweden in 1998 before moving to the UK in 2000. Creditsafe re-located the UK sales operation to Caerphilly in South Wales in 2002. In 2006 Creditsafe France was launched in Roubaix near Lille. Additional entities were later launched in Dublin in Ireland in 2007, The Hague in the Netherlands in 2008, Berlin, Germany in 2010, Brussels, Belgium in 2011 and Turin in Italy in 2013. Creditsafe moved outside Europe in 2012 with the founding of Creditsafe USA in Allentown, Pennsylvania.[2] Creditsafe established a shared service centre in Cardiff Wales in 2006 which has grown to support the sales operations around the world.

Current Status[edit]

In each country in which it operates Creditsafe has a sales and customer service operation dealing with customers over the telephone and internet. Creditsafe employees over 800 people in its 10 offices in 9 countries it currently has just over 70 000 subscription customers.

Creditsafe claims to be the world’s most-used provider of on-line company credit reports and estimates it will deliver over 75 million reports during 2014.[3]

Products and services[edit]

Creditsafe’s core business offering is an on-line company credit report based on original source public and private data which is brought together to give information on a company and an assessment of its creditworthiness. Creditsafe provides a credit rating and suggested credit limit in all its reports.

Creditsafe reports are accessed via Creditsafe’s own websites over the internet by most of its customers however increasing large volume customers purchase solutions that either integrate into their own accounting software or use one of Creditsafe’s own integrated services such as Creditsafe 3D.

Creditsafe combines data from all its operating countries in its reports in an attempt to provide full international details on companies that operate in more than one country or who have other international linkages.


Creditsafe recognises the need to maintain a lively and engaged workplace for its employees many of whom work in telesales or customer account management roles. The company regularly arranges events and took all its staff to Majorca to celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2012.[4] In 2014 Creditsafe was recognised as one of the UKs “Top 100 Companies to work for” for the 3rd year running.[5]


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